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By akg1486
Swedish has in modern times contributed very little to the English vocabulary--"smorgasbord" and "ombudsman" being the most cited--but now I hear that a relatively modern word is making its way into English-speaking press. The word is "flygskam", or "flight shame". It means the deep anxiety one can (apparently) feel when taking a flight because of the unnecessary contributions to the global CO2 emissions. Indeed, in Sweden today you are essentially obligated to admit to feeling flight shame if you go on holiday on a charter flight.

So far, I see mostly references to "those crazy Swedes" when the word is used. Has anyone seen the term being used for real? Is the sentiment felt also outside Scandinavia?

Example link explaining flight shame in a recent article about Greta Thunberg:
By Chris Martyr
Blimey ,,, :D ,,,,it's lucky that that precocious school-brat wasn't around back in the days of the real culprits . I'm sure most on here remember seeing BAC 1-11's , B.707's , DC-8's all lurching into the sky with great big black trails emanating from their jetpipes .

Must say , I've never felt 'flyg-skam' ever when flying and considering what we do as a hobby , neither do any others on here .

@akg1486 and considering how you lot pronounce it
[ fleeg-hwarmm] it'll never catch on over here .... :D

Oh,,,and the last time I was on a 'plane loaded with Swedes , most of 'em were far too 'full' to worry about what was being put into the atmosphere. :lol:
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By akg1486
AIUI, the idea is that if you feel bad about the pollution your trip to Thailand causes, that somehow makes it better. You can fly, but you must feel bad for a little bit before posting moronic pictures on Facebook.

Hard core environmentlists don't feel shame: they don't fly.
By Chris Martyr
akg1486 wrote: before posting moronic pictures on Facebook..

Got it in one akg1486 !!!.... :D .....[bra gjort grabben]

That little gem of wisdom probably encapsulates not just this topic , but also the framework of all that extinction-rebellion rubbish . Plus all the nay-sayers about rebuilding Notre Dame . All the little diddums's who missed out on being 'tipped' at the infinitum.

Now , I wonder what little Pippi-Longstocking would think if someone suggested bringing London to a standstill as a protest about the pollution in our society brought about by social media .. :lol:
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By akg1486
Personally, I actually am worried about the environment and I have respect for Greta in her efforts to get politicians to listen. But I really dislike people who can't put things into perspective: they buy a cotton bag for their groceries (has to be used 20,000 times to be better for the planet than plastic bags that are disposed of properly; growing cotton takes a lot of resources), fly to Thailand and post their fake shame on social media to make amends.

I fly 30 hours or so per year, using up some 1.000 liters of 100LL. I travel very little outside that except for work. I take trams and buses when I can and drive when I have to. I don't feel ashamed and I resent those who think I should.
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By Flyin'Dutch'

I would be happier if the LL was no longer required in AvGas.
By johnm
There are no easy answers to any of this but in my book it is not appropriate to belittle those who draw attention to environmental risks. Rather we should all be aware, learn and do what we can to reduce the impact we make.

I'm not advocating being self sufficient in a mud hut in the middle of a forest, just pointing out that we should do what we can and stop pretending we don't need to.
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By Miscellaneous
johnm wrote:…just pointing out that we should do what we can and stop pretending we don't need to.

I'm afraid as well meaning as it is John, t's a rather meaningless statement. :D

You can stop flying! is not appropriate to belittle those who draw attention to environmental risks.

I agree, but nor should we give credence to the noise from those simply making noise pretending it's something else in the hope of convincing others that no action is being taken.
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By akg1486
Flyin'Dutch' wrote:Ditto.

I would be happier if the LL was no longer required in AvGas.

It isn't, at least not for most engines. But the big oil companies aren't that interested as it's so little volume compared to petrol and diesel. So you can't find it in all countries. There may be more companies, but we use this:

We just got a new aircraft with a Rotax engine. The 50 hour service can be skipped if using no more than 30% 100LL.