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By Flyingfemme
I had getting a tattoo on my “before I’m 40” list but chickened out, being needle-phobic. A month before my 50th I got the first on a business trip to Miami - it wasn’t at all how I had imagined.
DH did the Cresta run quite a few years ago. I wasn’t impressed; women not allowed even in the clubhouse to keep warm! I understand that has now all changed.
Have a list and work it off, you never know what is around the corner!

I have never quite understood the concept of a bucket list and having had the displeasure of considering my demise at much shorter notice than planned I can only say that I have a list of things I would like to do - but when the time seemed short the only interest I had was in getting better and doing the most mundane things in the world were just fine.

Have a great birthday and do something magical - and share the pictures of course!
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By kanga
JoeC wrote:
Bill McCarthy wrote:I want to stand on the beaches of Normandy and look out towards England and imagine.

...what it feels like to be a Nazi general?

.. or a Norman Duke about to teach those pesky Anglo Saxon folk a lesson ? :)
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By Nick
Just aim to enjoy yourself a little every day.

Remember what you've had/done they can't take away and memories will live with you forever.

Well I've done it now. :lol: What are you going to do about it? :roll: I always was naughty kid and I don't intend to grow up!

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Flyin'Dutch' wrote:I have never quite understood the concept of a bucket list

I look at it mainly as a "to do" list. My friend Sham and I had planned various weekends away since the advent of cheap flights around Europe. Having it all as a "to do sometime", it never happened, in twenty odd years. So the goal of 50 countries has now made it a "to do now" thing. What's also driven me is that my hip is getting worse and as I grow older I'm getting more decrepit! So I'm now determined to do the travelling I want to do while I still can. It's coincided with my change in the past few years of going from having to squirrel money away on the mortgage, etc, to living for now and not the future. Still paying into my company pension of course!

kanga wrote:.. or a Norman Duke about to teach those pesky Anglo Saxon folk a lesson ? :)

William? The b*****d!
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By Josh
I have a bit of breathing space being not much past halfway to the next round number but I am already busy preparing the ground with Mrs Josh that flying here would be a hell of a birthday present/experience.

The other thing I really want to do before I get too unfit now children and the tyranny of a seniority list have nixed any chance I have of working for the British Antarctic Survey is join a trek/climb to the North Col of Everest.