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By JonathanB
I’m coming up to my penultimate birthday before a big one, and pondering being all millennial about it and compiling a list of *cough*40*cough* things to do in the year leading up to it.

So I’m looking for any suggestions, big or small and preferably mostly non-aviation (but not exclusively so). I’m going to regret asking this probably!

Fire away!
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By Rob P
I've done that a couple of times. Once you get to Ditchling it becomes a walk not a ride as the bulk of riders dismount and the available road space gets narrower and narrower until it finally disappears altogether.

John o'Groats to Lands End is more buckety
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By Flyingfemme
Only you know what floats your boat. Just think about things you like, admire or want to figure out. Maybe have lists for places to go, things to do physically and things to learn.
The forty bucket list can smoothly turn into the fifty list and so on............there’s always something you didn’t get done and more things to add. The important thing is to make a start.
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One thing that a friend of mine is doing is to do 50 countries before he's 50. I'm helping him by going along on a load of weekend trips and there's a possibility I might reach that goal myself, though I'm 50 months before he is. He should have reached his 50 by November this year though. It's an on-going thing as it's "one new country per year, average".
By Bill Haddow
I don't know whereabouts on the free agent / um-friend / seeing someone / itemised / wedlocked spectrum you stand so some of my ideas must remain unvoiced.

Remember you can kill 2 or more birds with the 1 stone. You could have your tattoo done on the deck of the dive-school's boat above the Barrier Reef, for example.

Bill H