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By Bill McCarthy
The heat is minimal but nevertheless there, and reduces with time as radioactive isotopes degrade to more stable ones. Not enough heat therefore to be of any use. Fuel modules are stored in ponds - similar to the ones that ruptured in Japan.
The Dounreay fast breeder reactor produced plutonium, was too unreliable to produce continual power - an aluminium smelter was built at Invergordon to take that reactor’s output, but it never produced an ounce of aluminium as far as I know. Today in the local rag - yet another £400 million towards the decommissioning of the reactor site. As I said before, the decommissioning process cost billions thus far. It was a great idea and was a world leader at the time. It branched into reprocessing waste from Germany, but when ready to be handed back, they refused to take it, not for any technical or quality reasons.
By LowNSlow1
When I commented to an old engineer at a, now closed old Magnox station in the late 90's, why don't you guys publicise just how safety orientated you guys are and how much money is spent on safety?

His reply was on the lines of: I was on the commissioning team back in the late 50's, early 60's and our purpose was to produce U-235, the electricity was a by-product hence we still have the tendency to secrecy!
By Bill McCarthy
We often joked that if we used all the paperwork generated for safety cases, operation and maintenance, and burned it, it would maybe produce the same amount of energy as the reactor itself !
Even before the Japanese incident, nuclear power plant now has to be built to withstand, earthquake and tsunami - from the Iceland zone perhaps. You may think that the paper trail for aircraft is prohibitive and restrictive but Oh boy it is several times worse for nuc plant. Even the simplest repair or maintenance activity is carried out to written procedure and vetted by committee. It can take a fortnight to change a simple “O” seal in an auxiliary system.
A great bit of kit, but as I say, if it goes horribly wrong, you have seconds to react to it. Endless hours in a simulator when alongside, and drills at sea kept us “on our toes”. Not a good idea though for a land based plant - the risks are high. Ask anyone within a couple of miles of a nuclear plant where they keep their potassium iodide/iodate pills.
By Bill McCarthy
For five weeks now in the far north we have had strong winds (ranging from20 to 40 mph) from the south east. Looking out, I can count over 50 wind turbines out of a couple of hundred in the county, generating much more than we need. The single pylon array heading south can’t take the total output of them all, therefore many of them are furled and stationary for days on end.
I’m doing my bit during this time as all my power comes from my own 6Kw turbine and am exporting roughly two thirds of it at the moment. I would have an EV and charge for free but range limitations put me off.
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By Chris Martyr
Bill McCarthy wrote:I’m doing my bit during this time as all my power comes from my own 6Kw turbine and am exporting roughly two thirds of it at the moment. I would have an EV and charge for free but range limitations put me off.

Bill,,,you're just the type of person that the eco-warriors don't need . :D

Too many more of your sort and it'll put the kybosh on their nice little jollies bringing our capital to a halt with their dangerous and cretin-like games of super-gluing them selves to trains and bridges and their slow-bicycle protests. :evil:

Oh,,,and that'll mean that Little Miss Marmite won't have any more excuses for bunking off school . :thumright:
By johnm
I would have an EV and charge for free but range limitations put me off.

This seems to be improving rapidly. I compared my trip to the alps by Subaru with the same route on the Tesla website and was surprised to find it only needed 3 stops to charge and was only about 1.5 hours longer and for most people who stop longer than “splash and dash “ it would have been the same.
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By Bill McCarthy
Joe just about has it. I’m away up north and about 7 miles out of Wick, Caithness. I sometimes take a run down to Inverness, in the order of 120 miles away, so maybe an EV would be at it’s limits.
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By malcolmfrost
Sounds wonderful!
Actually, if you search ev charging stations on Google Maps you've got a few near you. With your renewable generation capacity something like a Leaf would probably work.
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By mo0g
johnm wrote:@Sooty25 my comments were aimed at the wider body of critics.

Oh, on the subject of the environment, I assume you are now grounding the TB20, and no longer travelling across europe to go skiing, or are you exempt?

I once ran a carbon offset model I can no longer find and apparently the trees in the wood absorb most of the CO2 we produce :D

The rest of you can plant your own :D

There was me thinking the impending environmental catastrophe was not related to CO2 (for which our government is already a long way down the road to getting us carbon neutral)? That's all very noughties zeitgeist when Brown gave us all massive incentives to buy diesel cars. The villains today are N20 and methane, are they not?
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By eltonioni
I haven't seen any proper numbers for ages but it wouldn't be a surprise if the hateful iPad I'm tapping on has more embedded carbon than most Chinese families are responsible for in a year. It's no good us being satisfied that we're doing well when we ship most of our environmental responsibility to the second and third world, and then blame them for low standards.
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By 100poundburger
Did anyone see the newspaper story recently regarding the pollution ( atmospheric and into the sea) that is generated by large ships...the figures quoted
were unbelievable...why do the environmentalists not seem to be interested in this...
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