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Buried in the depths of the Neverendum thread are a few mentions of the book mentioned in the subject. Indeed in that thread I wrote (this link will place you back at page 230 of the aforementioned thread!):

PaulB wrote:There have been a few mentions of Yanis Varoufakis' book "Adults in the Room: My Battle with Europe's deep establishment" ... 494&sr=8-1

He's got another book out that might be interesting. "Talking to My Daughter: A Brief History of Capitalism" (Published next week.) ... 494&sr=8-2


Anyway, despite posting Bezos links above, I'm going to go to a real book shop and buy those two so whatever the reasons for mentioning the former, I thank you.

So, now, having visited a real bookshop I now have both books.

Reading the preface of the latter (Talking to my Daughter), it was written (in just 9 days) in 2013 (so before Adults in the Room), but was not at that time translated into English. It describes largely imaginary conversations with his teenage daughter. Imaginary because she lives in Australia and he in Greece, so when they were together there was not enough time to talk about economics. He describes it as the only book that he's written that does not contain references, footnotes or "the paraphernalia of academic or political books", and unlike those, which he wrote in English, this was written in Greek and only recently (after some revisions in 2017) translated into English.

Adults in the Room is a much weightier tome that he said was "exceptionally painful to write, documenting as it did the traumatic events of 2015." He notes that all conversations were in Greek (with is staff and in the Greek Parliament) or in English (with the EU and everyone else.) Only one person (Michel Sapin, the then French Finance Minister) didn't speak English and they used translators, but also sometimes with Sapin speaking French and Varoufakis replying in English.

Obviously I haven't read these book yet (indeed Adults in the Room is over 500 pages of small closely spaced text so may take some time) but I'd be interested in the *economics* opinions of others.

Opinions about the EU are being discussed to death here in the "Neverendum" thread