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The results of a few more questions would have been interesting.

Is there an international Jewish conspiracy?

Guardian readers

Everyone else

Do the Union leaders have any incentive to make their members comfortable and happy in the workplace with adequate employment?

Guardian readers

Everyone else

Is Dianne Abbott regularly poked fun at because she is black and female rather than just incompetent?

Guardian Readers

Everyone Else

Is it fine to claim solidarity with the poor working classes whilst on the very next page encouraging people to buy their champagne & oysters from Waitrose?

Guardian Readers

Everyone Else
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When you’ve had the opportunity to be on the inside of several events that are reported in the media and discussed on Internet forums then you soon learn how homeopathic levels of truth can be transformed into hard facts and analysis.

I don’t apologise for speculating on things that I only read about, while staying clear of topics of which I have first hand knowledge :-)
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spaughty wrote:Sure, but the paper is on the NIH website, which is not best known for spreading medical conspiracy theories :-)

That doesn't mean that there isn't bias in the paper.... that's why potential conflicts of interest have to be declared.

Perhaps the term conspiracy theory in the title of this thread wasn't accurate, but those things which are conspiracy theories (like disbelieving the lunar landings) and other things like the almost religious belief in a specific version of events (like has happened with the B word) have a number of similarities.

Throwing data or facts at them isn't going to change any minds.... So what do we do.

it doesn't help that the media seem to be either as biased as the (mis)believers or treat all arguments (no matter how ridiculous) as equal in the quest for balance.
Somewhere I read that the job of a journalist, when someone claims that it rains, is not to find someone who says 'it isn't' but to stick their head outside the window to see if it does!
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PaulB wrote:
So.... Brexit. Nearly all informed commentators believe that a no-deal Brexit will be very bad for the whole of the UK and NI in particular. The Government published a paper setting out those risks. Despite this, there are many people, some highly intelligent who simply deny any evidence put in front of them.

We were told exactly the same rubbish when we were in the ERM
We were told it was all wonderful
We were told there was no alternative
All the informed commentators spouted off the same drivel.
Interest rates were raised and raised to keep us in the 'bounds'

Eventually of course it because obvious that all the claims by HMG were a load of twaddle and HMG in the guise of Mr Lamont did a huge u turn and abandoned the ERM withdrawing the £ from the mechanism dropping interest rates to more sensible levels immediately.
After that of course we heard no more about the ERM experiment and it's not talked about anymore.

So no, no one believes the biased reports from those who job's it is to be biased. As the US author Upton Sinclair remarked: It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his entire job and monetary income rely on him not understanding it.

..and I have not even yest mentioned Iraqi Weapons of mass destruction fantasy promulgated by HMG and its lackey's nor the US Secretary of State Colin Powell standing up in the UN brandishing the "evidence"
That is an interesting insight but not relevant to conspiracy theory. It is akin to the old “all elephants are grey therefore all grey things are elephants “ discussion

Whilst that may be true to a certain extent, there have been some breathtakingly stupid things that ministers etc have said and done which clearly have undermined their standing and with that damage to the credibility of government.

John Gummer feeing his granddaughter a burger anyone?

Just a question - what do all these people have against a brand of cleaning equipment? If it was Dyson I could understand it.

Other jokes are available for IT geeks older than 30. As a former employee of one of their former competitors, I'm definitely anti-VAX.
Cns416 wrote:...

.. Iraqi Weapons of mass destruction fantasy promulgated by HMG and its lackey's ...

.. and that characterisation of the issue might itself be described as a 'conspiracy theory' .. :roll: