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By PaulB
:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

The standard of driving (and parking[1]) is really quite poor. I don't know what the road equivalent of airmanship is, but whatever it is, there's not much of that in evidence either.

[1] Just watched someone fail to parallel park in a space twice as long as their car. They eventually gave up and parked on the pavement further up the road
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By Paul_Sengupta
When driving down the managed bits of the M1, I've often thought that if they set up surveillance cameras or had a car filming from lane 1, they'd make an absolute fortune. No need for points, just a £100 would pay off government debt in short order.
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By Boxkite
Looks like the middle-lane-driver was driving sleepy with a staring tunnel vision. The pointless lane-change on auto-pilot when seeing the car in front (not realising he was just overtaken by it) and not being aware it was in a different lane.
I've seen it happen many times, but usually in the same lane.
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By Jim Jones
Given that the majority of UK motorways south of Carlisle are mostly 3 full lanes travelling at 60 to 69 mph, there is a case for moving to the US practice of overtaking in any lane rather than having to move across from lane 1 to lane 3 (or 4) in two steps, separated by 3 miles of running.
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By Flintstone
Flyin'Dutch' wrote:Middle lane hogging is bad form* but who was suffering here?

Me. These people give me the irrits. They bimble along with their thumb up their rrse and their brain in neutral and no idea or care of what's going on around them.

Do we now give people a free pass for breaking the law when there's nobody else around?

* Worse than bad form, it's illegal.
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By malcolmfrost
Flyin'Dutch' wrote:Are they going to prosecute the person cutting up the middle lane driver?

Middle lane hogging is bad form but who was suffering here?

They overtook, then moved to the left hand lane as required......
No suffering was involved as they clearly had no idea what was going on!
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By Miscellaneous
Flyin'Dutch' wrote:Are they going to prosecute the person cutting up the middle lane driver?

Sounds as though you may one of these drivers that flashes lights and sounds horns leaving the target of such actions a bit confused?

I've always wanted to as; 'what was all that about'?

Seems you've given me the answer, FD. They just have different view of events. :D :wink: :wink:
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By stevelup
Flyin'Dutch' wrote:Are they going to prosecute the person cutting up the middle lane driver?

The 'victim' of being cut up in the middle lane didn't even need to apply their brakes (mainly because they were doing 61mph).

It's hard to see what you could prosecute the overtaking driver for.
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By cockney steve
The picture clearly shows a deserted road, other than the two protagonists. Assuming the L.H lane was not heavily- rutted by HGV's , there was no reason to stay in the middle- lane.

Where the road is busy, I avoid dodging into the Left- hand lane for 45 seconds, only to be boxed-in by a plodder in the middle- lane who takes a couple of miles to pass the juggernaut I am now trapped behind at 55 mph.

Unfortunately the driving- test is predicated on ticking boxes to keep the maximum revenue pouring into the Government coffers.........road tax, fuel duty,driving- licence,VAT, MOT annual, Insurance- tax....... 10% of the working population employed in the motor-trade, directly and indirectly.......cut off the revenue- stream of VAT, Income- tax and NICS...and substitute dole and benefits.....Like the Chancellor taxing booze and fags, they look for the maximum revenue without killing the golden goose.

Oh, nearly forgot...licensing all but the totally illiterate and the terminally stupid also keeps the speeding-cameras rolling, the Traffic -plod employed, the safety-propagandists in a job, the traffic- wardens, Courts and solicitors----the list goes on (some may be included in the 10% figure.)
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By Flyin'Dutch'
Ah - if my life was so complicated that I could worry myself about someone hogging the middle lane............

Maybe you all need to get out and drive a bit more.

Do more than 30k miles per annum and you'll realise there is worse to worry about.

Very much a first world problem.
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By Miscellaneous
Flyin'Dutch' wrote:Very much a first world problem.

Indeed, which makes it all the more peculiar why you would make up a problem that wasn't there at all. :D
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By Rob P
The French are so much better at lane discipline (astonishingly) than drivers on UK motorways, but so much worse at tailgating, sitting centimetres off your rear bumper with the left indicator permanently on as they wait for you to complete your overtake of slower traffic.

Rob P
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