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By Flintstone
I’ve an iPad 2 which has developed a colour fault (none of the online examples and cures are a match or work). If you know what a colour printer produces when the black ink has run out you’ll get the idea. It doesn’t affect the screen only in some areas but seems to be associated with certain colours requiring an element of black.

Thing is it’s inconsistent and only appears on some images, not others. This is obviously too difficult to solve so all repairers have quoted for a new LCD screen at north of £200. I’d pay that if it were mine and I needed it but my employers have replaced it and left me to sort out the salvage.

I’ve put it on eBay as ‘spares or repair’. It functions okay in normal-low light but you wouldn’t want to use it in a bright cockpit. With four days to go there are watchers but no bids so unless someone here knows a cheaper fix it’ll either be used for target practice or given away to someone who only uses their tablet in the dark.

Any ideas?
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By PaulB
I took my beloved iMac (which was dead as a dodo) to a dodgy Apple repair shop it said it was Apple authorised, but when I got there it looked decidedly dodgy.

Whatever, they fixed it for a reasonable amount of money. It was a risk, though.
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By Flyingfemme
I dropped my iPad mini last summer (long out of warranty) and smashed a corner of the screen. It is a big storage model so expensive to replace and I thought it was worth keeping for another year (or 3). Local small fixer replaced the screen for £75 (inc VAT). It looks and works fine.
Hmmm...just checked and it's 5 years old....maybe a new one is in order :roll:
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By Paul_Sengupta
If it's an iPad Mini 4 (I don't know when they came out) then it's the latest available. They haven't updated the Mini in some years.

I saw a rumour recently about a new iPad Mini which might be coming out but I haven't looked into it.
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By stevelup
If it's really an iPad 2, and not an Air 2, then it's not worth fixing. There haven't been any OS updates for it since 2016. Suspect it must be an Air 2 though because that fits with the expensive screen replacement quote (they have a laminated / bonded screen).
By David Viewing
Er.. ipad2 LCD's are £30 on a certain auction site. If you have an hour or two , a heat gun, a spudger and a certain amount of courage..

My 'spare' ipads have all been re-screened or re-batteried in this way. (I carry 4 in the plane, two to use, one as backup and one for when I drop one of the others.)

Of course, it might not be the LCD. But there's only one way to find out!
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By stevelup
If it's an iPad 2, it's not worth fixing anyway. Maybe use it as a placemat or chopping board or something.

If it's an iPad Air 2, there's no cost effective way of replacing the bonded/laminated digitiser/LCD assembly.
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By Flintstone
Yes, yes alright. It's an Air2.

Bleedin' fanbois. :roll:


Someone seems prepared to have a crack at it. A day and a half to go and it's up to £31. That's enough for some cake.
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By stevelup
It's worth a shot then if it's an Air2. If you can get the screen off without breaking it (<5% chance) then all that might need doing is for the connections to be reseated.

Someone will either end up with a bargain or a new chopping board :)

ps. I have got dozens (I mean it - think 41 at the last count) of broken iPad Air 2's sat on my shelves here. Believe me when I say we've explored all options for getting them repaired. We were recycling thing with Plunc at one point but their price has dropped to £25 now, so we're hanging onto them in the hope that someone may eventually come up with a cost effective aftermarket repair solution.

At the moment, our cheapest supplier can do them for £180 which is too much for these devices - some of which are three years old.