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By squawking 7700
Paul Sengupta Wye not indeed - a quick Google suggests a number of places offering what Flinty is looking for
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By nallen
You could get in touch with your inner caveman, and fashion your own vessel:
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By riverrock
If you decide to go a little further, the Shannon - Earne waterway has lots of motorboats for hire. All the locks are electric so no effort. All the companies do brief courses in how to handle locks and boats.
You do need midge repellent.
By cockney steve
The most important issue is, as @Genghis the Engineer stated, TRAINING. I am minded of a school-trip a few years ago, that went badly wrong, with fatalities. An open canoe, you are clear, the closed ones, as he pointed out, can be capsized and then, with training, righted again, with the occupant still in. I love being ON water, loathe being IN it. raced a Mirror -dinghy for some years and had my share of capsizes . club rules buoyancy aid worn, irrespective of swimming ability! Takes one problem away as well as acting as a body-warmer!

The greater roominess, stability and tolerance of mishandling, is why I suggested a dinghy for this short, one-off mission.....perhaps, though, the OP will get his chopper out and slip a headdress on :clown:
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By Genghis the Engineer
Also, if you don't know what you're doing - it's dead easy to wreck an expensive boat simply by fouling up the task of recovering a capsized boat.

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By Paul_Sengupta
Bill McCarthy wrote:I’ve narrowed it down to what he wants - I know of a duck pond nearby !

There are lots of converted mills which are now pubs. Once round the mill pond then back for another pint.
By condor17
Post retirement in Spring '11 . 8 of us Canadian Canoed [ spelling ] down the Thames , from near source to tidal range at Teddington .
Think it was 8 days with good pub and house B 'n Bs . Another solo mate joined for some and was wild camping .
Outfit in Henley delivered 4 canoes to the start , and picked them up at completion at Teddington .

rgds condor .
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By Flintstone
Foo Gee. Who the hell commutes by pedalo? :D

I d9n’t like kayaks, been there. Rolling might look fun but you spend the next hour drying out and the day smelling of low tide.

I think I’ll hire a k’nu for 2-3 days, throw in my camping gear (rented or borrowed dry bags) and try a bit of rough. Camping.

A nice cushtie bit of river with none of that carrying boats around rapids like some Sherpa that’s lost his mountain.

Failing that, Paul’s excellent suggestion of a pub with a millpond.

Although condor’s example sounds do-able. Just need to rope in some unsuspecting partners.
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By Flintstone
Hmmm, maybe I should re-think the Broads. Far enough upstream so as to avoid the cruisers might work.

Thanks Sooty.
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By Miscellaneous
Flintstone wrote:Hmmm, maybe I should re-think the Broads. Far enough upstream so as to avoid the cruisers might work.

You should re think it all, scrap the Broads, and get out have some proper adventure. I appreciate boozing is a big part of the trip, rest assured there's plenty room in a kayak for as much as even you can drink, Flint. :wink:

Here's few pics to help inspire. :D