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Miscellaneous wrote:
gasman wrote:
Miscellaneous wrote:however how does the court sentence her to lose her job and be struck off?


If the court gives a custodial sentence greater than 12 months imprisonment then an MP is disbarred from holding office.

The question was relating to had there not been any custodial sentence.

@OCB , so Blair deserves life. The fact he didn't get it is not reason to let others off. Would you propose only to show leniency for this MP, or all citizens convicted since the Iraq war? :D

Blair didn't even end up in court.

Need I say more?
ChrisRowland wrote:I wonder how common this points swapping is. There's been at least two convictions like this, of high profile political figures.

Three counting Sir Gerald Nabarro, unless my memory plays me false.

Rob P
Bill Haddow wrote:
Flying_john wrote: should both be seen and to act whiter than white

Given the lady's, um, er, ethnicity, perhaps you may care to re-phrase.

Bill H

Really, why should he.

We're all relatively bright in this country. I think we're capable of differentiating between the use of language to define the colour of somebody's skin, or the severity of a lie, or define the type of teaching board in a classroom.

Call somebody a dirty black person, you are totally out of order. Call behaviour "whiter than white" you may as well be comparing to clean sheets - that really should be uncontentious: just don't ask somebody to "play the white man" - yes, that frankly lost its acceptability with the abolition of slavery a very very long time ago.

New snow, and clean sheets, are inherently pure and white without that having to have racial connotations.

MikeB wrote:
Paul_Sengupta wrote:
It was the prison sentences of 3/10 months which I was a little shocked at.

She was only found guilty of one offence, the bloke was found guilty of 3. If anything, I think he got away quite lightly.

Oh, Mike.... why let facts get in the way of a good story! :-)
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