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She has been jailed for three months after a re-trial at the Old Bailey.

Her brother Festus was jailed for 10 months for his involvement, after pleading guilty to the same charge.

Is it just me that thinks these sentences are overly harsh compared with what many thugs, thieves and drug dealers get?
Certainly agree that it’s harsh in relative terms.

My personal experiences with the judicial system has always left me scratching my head.

One of many cases, in my early teens my and mates got held up - the kitchen knife used would have passed through both sides of me. Scrotes were adults, did a bunch of stuff to pervert the course of justice, and on top of it all threatened to hunt me down kill me + any cop that went after them.

They wasted court time playing the system, plead guilty to enough charges at the last minute (I was in the waiting room at the court) that the wig called off the trial and gave the worst offender a whopping few days of community service.

After that, and especially after numerous other ugly encounters, I came to the conclusion that politicians and judiciary should go through some sort of “reality training”, if they’d never actually been at the site of a fatal (drunk) car crash, or “to be forgotten” male on male violent encounter.

The thought of shoving some beak up against a wall, ramming a knife into his stomach to the point it nearly breaks skin, then saying “ta-daa, today’s training experience is over”....

Before anyone complains, I know judges have to remain within sentencing guidelines, prison is just an expensive crime academy etc...point is, crime and punishment are rarely in synch.

BTW, still waiting for Blair to be locked up for his minor misdemeanours....
OCB wrote:Certainly agree that it’s harsh in relative terms.

He was the one that filled the form in. She knew he was doing it. Both are perverting the course of justice.
Bill Haddow wrote:To me they were equally culpable, yet he gets a longer sentence even though he pleads guilty :-?

He filled the form in... he did the deed.

She didn't fill the form in?

Both perverted the course of justice. That said there must be sentencing guidelines and we don't know of the mitigating circumstances.

She may have got a shorter sentence but will almost certainly lose her profession (Law) and probably lose her seat too.