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I've been involved with watching a failing (potentially fraudulently) company recently. The companies house website gives some good information, but it takes too long to get there. The administrators letters to suppliers and creditors went out a month before companies house showed the status.

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Any assets and people worth having? The wreckage of my company did a whole lot of good to the acquirer, keeping the product, the customers and around half the staff, which in the circumstances felt like a result. If there's been no prior contact, I don't see how TUPE could apply.
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Pete L wrote:Any assets and people worth having?

Not really. Their main man was someone we 'parted company with' 10 years ago, team based in a different part of the country, and technology-wise all slightly different and 'not invented here'. They'd just found a nice niche in the market that wasn't worth two of us fighting over, but with them gone, is probably worth filling.

Is it possible to set up alerts from the London Gazette for a company to immediately get notified if it goes into administration?
You can get notifications from Companies House but if the information is behind events by a month or so that is of limited value.