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Korenwolf wrote:
Rob P wrote:I'd tell nobody, but when my Tucano arrived at Old Buckenham people might start guessing.

Rob P :lol:

Buy an A-27 Super Tucano with armament to keep 'em all out :wink:

In fact, at $18mil a pop you could afford a squadron of 'em :lol: wuz me thinking that Finger Four was the best formation...?
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Korenwolf wrote:Now that one did get a new home, Karl Stoltzfus of Dynamic Aviation bought her.

The Lufthansa one might be up for grabs though....

or failing that, the Breitling example - ... ane-report

I do love the Connie.
Mind you, I had a good look round the Red Bull ("The Flying Bulls") DC-6 at Duxford last year; that is one beautiful aircraft as well (and I don't wax lyrical about nosewheel aircraft too often).

[Not my photo below, but I do have of same:]

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The last/only DC6 I have ever flown in was standing room only.

Myself and fifteen or so engineers wandering around the interior of a freighter, no seats, belts, hosties or any mod cons.

Rob P
OCB wrote:Just read article about the couple who won it - I have to say they sound quite nice folk!

She admitted that she will find it heartbreaking to read letters from people the couple cannot help, adding: "It will keep me up at night."

A chap I know won just over £5M and went public. They got bombarded with mail and people at the door. They ended up moving house, but not by choice.

I'm sure Mrs Connolly with soon get fed up!