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stevelup wrote:I guess it depends if you want managed publicity on your terms or not.

I bet it's all but guaranteed that if you did win such a large sum, it would be impossible to keep it confidential.

The RedTops would hunt you down mercilessly.

Ah, well, that solves a major Brexit problem :wink: They can lease Norn Irn from May's beleagured Govt, and turn it into an independent Republic (it may be difficult to persuade Euroland that it continues as a member because it was one before GB bailed-out.

Me? I certainly wouldn't go public. Every leech and parasite would descend upon me. I know both my friends and that's the way it would remain :wink:

What about all the begging letters?.....well, naturally, I'd continue sending them out.
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I'd speculate that it's pretty difficult to successfully keep that sort of win secret - unless you decide you're going to keep it totally secret even from friends and family. So I guess it's a choice between managed publicity, or lots of speculation, rumour and it leaking out eventually anyway.

Whilst writing this, the monthly email from Ernie's just arrived - so fingers crossed this might not be a theoretical question for long.

Edit: It's still a theoretical question.
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Reminded of the ad/joke...missus turns to hubby

“Pack your bags, I’ve won the big one on the lottery!”

“Wow!! Where we off to?”

“No, you don’t understand. I won the lottery, you pack yer bags!”

Seriously, on the rare occasions I have insomnia - I play such scenarios over in my head until the flights of fancy send me off.

I’d never personally let anyone know.

Ok, potentially the wife....(see above)

I have enough filthy rich friends and acquaintances, and have for long enough to have witnessed the various down sides of “sudden wealth”.

Even my 9 yr old boy (pita, but smart beggar) asked “what would happen if we win the lotto Daddy”. When I mentioned the near infinitely improbable possibility of moving house (we have a 3 facade, my neighbour is a tiny bit unhinged), he was horrified at the idea, and suggested it would be better just to pretend that nothing had changed. Nice to see the Scots genes expressing themselves from time to time!

For a bunch of flyers, it would be quite “easy” - just say you decided to “go pro” or summit then say you landed a rich Russian/Saudi or whatever client.

For begging family etc, “loan” them the money - then you’ll never see them again!

If you have extended friends and family who you want to help out, then it’s going to be obvious- so yeah, have it managed, have a huge effin party - and lay the ground rules loud and clear.

“Money doesn’t make you happy - but it’s nice to be miserable, but in comfort”.
What others have already said; if you don't have them manage it for you the red tops will find you and then you are on your own.

Unpleasant side effect of winning such a big prize but I reckon I could cope.
Grelly wrote:To answer the question, "Hell No!".

Let's see...£150M @ 3% is £4.5M per year, or £86,000 per week...

I could scrape by on that.

What’s the capital gains tax or whatever in the UK? Potentially Mr Taxman would be having 50% of that, no?

I say that as almost all the filthy rich (self made) expats I know here in Belgium are here only because of the low/no CGT and its proximity to Eurostar...