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By defcribed
Has anyone any experience of fitting automation to an existing set of driveway gates?

Mrs defcribed and I moved into a new house in November, and she is too short to easily operate the hinged latch that drops over the top of the centre of the gates to hold them closed.

We are also in the market for some sort of remote doorbell/intercom to be fitted outside the gates and am intrigued by the kit barshaker mentioned in the home security thread.
By Colonel Panic
We had our existing roadside gate automated a couple of years ago, and it has worked well. Requires a 240v feed, and AIUI the actuator is 12v. I rather get the impression that there is quite a bit of smoke and puff about these things - there is very little in the control box, and I don't think it would be too difficult to do it oneself. First time around, possibly not, but if I was to do it again I would certainly aim to do a self install.

Our gate is now kept closed purely "for show" - we have a small button on the outside to open it and had a loop sunk below the tarmac on the inside to auto-open when leaving. So virtually no security, but that is what we wanted.

EDITED TO ADD: This is the motor unit we have - ... s-up-to-5m . We also have a blipper to wirelessly open the gate when nearby. We decided not to bother with comms, as it is too far from the house and mobile signal is so poor that a SIM based communicator wouldn't work reliably.
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By chevvron
Mate of mine phoned in to work one day, sorry he couldn't make it to work; there was a power cut and his electric gates wouldn't open so he couldn't use his car.(Surely there's a manual backup isn't there?)
By Barcli
I fitted the powered wheeled type about 4 months ago - we have cctv to all areas anyway - so open and shut them by either the remote they came with ( if you can find it) or an app on the iphone. Fitting was straight forward - needs 240v although the two motors are 12v - I have had the arm/screw types before but the only work with certain opening layouts ie pillar angles etc . The powered wheel type are actually simpler but need a reasonably smooth " grippy" surface ie block paving/tarmac - not gravel
By Colonel Panic
I considered solar and a battery but in the end dug a 100m trench to bury a cable, thinking that it would be more reliable over an extended period of time. The reality was that the trenching was less than I had feared.
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By defcribed
Can realistically-sized solar cells (in the British winter) really generate enough power?

I've been researching the linear ram motors, and the electrical load in operation is evidently non-trivial.
Yes, but ours is part of a fenced, ditched and cctv monitored entry point at the farm, as you have seen.

Very little can ever be 100% secure without high security prison fencing and a 24hr security personnel presence, but our thinking is that most of the people we do not want on the farm tend to prefer motorised vehicles to foot or bicycle transport.

So, recognising there is little political will to address the scourge of rural crime and theft, the thinking is that making it a little more difficult to freely drive in and out of the property here will encourage the unpleasant types to move on to an easier target elsewhere. I hope.
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