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By Flyin'Dutch'
Dear All

In previous years I used Picasa and that was absolutely fine. It was easy to upload and find stuff and you could edit photos well enough to meet my needs.

I usually make a bit of a collage at the end of the year of photos made and send that as a picture card to family and friends.

Realised that Google Photos has not got that functionality so used a freebee this year.

Think Picasa was taken over by Google and whilst for synching one's library that is fine, the additional functions that Picasa had to offer are missed. I don't rate Apple's 'Photos' App much.

It would also be nice if there was a programme that would hoover up all photos from one"s devices and store it somewhere in date order so you have one definitive repository for all images. Especially if that happened automatically and would search proactively for them across all devices.

Any top tips?
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By Rob P

Ah... Just realised they may have taken the editing tools away.

I also use Flickr, there's a bit more of a learning curve with that, but maybe combining it with the crippled Picasa is the answer?

Rob P
Cheers Rob, sadly use Macs.
Editing- OK'sh
Sharing - fine
Collage - rubbish, only one template
Photo Album - no experience

Hence the quest