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I'll kick off.

1) Fly more - same every year
2) Clear out all my old junk that I keep just in-case.
3) Ignore all Flyer forum threads that hint at being anything to do with leaving the EU
4) Eat less cake !

Edited to add:-

New Year’s resolution: something you say you’re going to do for the New Year

There’s a relationship of belonging between the New Year and the noun: the eve, the day, and the resolution are all specifically related to the New Year (it’s not just any resolution), so “New Year’s” becomes the modifier for each noun.

Also, note that “New Year’s” is capitalized because it’s referring to a holiday or a specific event.
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Bill said:-
What New Year's resolutions have we this year ? (Capitalisation, apostrophe, and unnecessary duplication of punctuation mark addressed to maintain standards.)

I have edited the original post to address your concerns with an explanatory note concerning capitalisation and use of the apostrophe.

The extra question mark I put down to a keybounce !