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By velostar
I can’t see any images embedded in forum threads. I can’t see a setting to change so wondered if anyone has a solution that I am missing.

Accessing via Safari AND Firefox on an iPad and signed in to Flyer on both instances.

By Mike Tango
In your control panel, accessed by the little airmail icon at top right, user control panel > board preferences (grey horizontal menu) > edit display options (menu on left) there's an option to display images in posts or not.

Does it say yes?
By velostar
Affirm - all display options are set to YES and I could see the smiley. For the images in threads all I can see is what looks like a rectangle placeholder with the word ‘image’.

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By Paul_Sengupta
This sometimes happens to me if I'm logged into the work VPN. The site(s) which host some photos are banned, firewalled, or whatever from the work system, so the pictures hosted therein are not visible. Logging off and returning to Plusnet or BT usually brings them up.
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By Tall_Guy_In_a_PA28
I cannot see pictures posted in a couple of threads today by Flying_John, but can see pictures elsewhere e.g. in Trip Reports. I has assumed that this was a problem at Flying_John's end, unless other's can see them?
By velostar
Rebooted and no change. Looks like I am having the same issue as tall guy - I can see some images in trip reports (not a section I frequent) but not seeing images in the general aviation forum. Found the FJ posts and can’t see the Coningsby images for example. Oh well.
By velostar
riverrock wrote:All seems fine to me.
This is the URL to one of FJ's images. I assume clicking on it doesn't show you anything?

Yup this looks like my issue - saw the first but not the second. I also see that there was reference to Vodafone by Aerbabe. That may be the common issue...
By velostar
Problem fixed. It may be an issue with Vodafone... When I clicked the direct link to the image, I chose to ‘go ahead’ when the browser said ‘whoaaaa this website is not trusted do you really want to go there’ and I can now see the images. Cheers.
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By Tall_Guy_In_a_PA28
I switched my fibre to Vodafone two weeks ago, so that would explain the change. The problem is exactly as per the linked thread above.

Having Googled the issue, it seems to be an ongoing and widespread problem with Vodafone since 2016. There seem to be two solutions:
1. ditch Vodafone ( I am still within 30 days cooling off so this is probably the way to go)
2. manually configure the DNS settings in my router to bypass Vodafone content control
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