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By Trent772
Tony Robertshaw,

Most excellent personal service. He will talk sense to you about what your needs are, won't sell cheap stuff and give you a great guided tour of Knaresborough as a test.

I have a Kalkhoff bike, around £2k with Bosch battery and transmission. It is a traditional bike with hydraulic brakes, Shimano hub gear on a twist grip - much better than dérailleur gears for regular riders. Panniers, lights and bike balls (Google them)

Sometimes, you just want good old fashioned customer service and you will get it there.
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By Rob P
Trent772 wrote:Shimano hub gear on a twist grip - much better than dérailleur gears for regular riders.


Run that one past me again? What effect does the regularity of use have on the suitability of a particular gear system? Not nit-picking, just intrigued as I haven't used hub gears since I was a kid with "Stumpy Archer" three-speed, and I now ride very regularly, but with a Dura-Ace gear train

Rob P
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By Leodisflyer
I only have hub gears on two of my bikes (both Bromptons), but modern hub gears are quite desirable - at least one club member swears by them. Having had a broken chain in a dark, wet night I’m tempted too.

I test rode a city bike a while ago that had a very nice 8 speed hub on it.
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By Trent772
Hub gears can be changed when stationary - pre select what you want. Dérailleur clatter and clank on set off as they change, that's all.

I'm not a massive user and just want simplicity and I find the hub gears are wonderful. Tried both and chose.

Also, as you change gear, just back off the pedal pressure, makes for a smoother shift and is kinder on the gears.
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By PeteSpencer
I realise everybody will have his own personal bike seller-purist, but are, for the complete man in the street contemplating only occasional non- arduous (I hope) use, Halfords all that bad?

Our local Halfords is just around the corner.

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By Trent772
Halfords are fine, just choose the operative with a regular toe count and some teeth and you will be fine.

We have a branch close to us and they are very good.

They ain't commonly referred to as" Halfrauds" for nothing! reputation well and truly earned. stock chosen by "sales -appeal" rather than suitability for purpose and VFM. Overheads on those big , prime-position sheds are enormous ....the punter pays.
@Rob P said
Run that one past me again? What effect does the regularity of use have on the suitability of a particular gear system?

Taken in context, the writer would appear to be alluding to a "regular" rider as opposed to a "sporting," "
mountain-trail" " distance" or other special-interest bicyclist.

I rode one about 3 months ago, in Holland, for the first time in about 20 years. It was purely for transport
therefore, I'm a regular rider, as opposed to an extreme-sports masochist. :D
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By GrahamB
Trent772 wrote:

Is there a good reason for them being that shape, other than trying to be funny?
By Leodisflyer
I think they are targeted at repelling the kind of drivers who are attracted to cyclists. The idea is to encourage them to leave the recommended 1.5m gap. I’d certainly give them a wide berth.
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By Flyin'Dutch'
PeteSpencer wrote:
Flyin'Dutch' wrote:Surprised nobody has mentioned Flyer E-bikes yet.

Very good, not cheap

3.8 to 5.1k euros?

You’re ‘avin’ a larf.


Some people buy a Dacia, others a Krautmobile or Volvo.

Some buy a Flyer bike, others something from Halfords.

On a different note, if it is to cycle with your grandchildren you are better off with a new light bike for yourself rather than an electric one; non-electric bikers can not keep up with those on an electric bike*

*lycralovers excluded.
PeteSpencer wrote:Thinks: has anyone got an old VeloSolex in working condition they'd like to get rid of.?

That's a name I've not heard in a long time. Turns out there are a few on eBay if you wanted to "go retro".