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By stevelup
Nomad63 wrote:I suppose you could more accurately say all credibility afforded by youself.

Well yes, I would have thought it was obvious that is what I meant. I can't possibly speak on behalf of anyone else.
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By Bill Haddow
Flyin'Dutch' wrote:@Bill Haddow

Brownshirts, Nazis, Fascists, Far Right, Neo-Nazis all interchangeably used

Not by everyone. The Brownshirts were characterised by their use of violence against any opposition. You said that UKIP folk / Brexit MEPs were imitating them but have failed to supply a shred of evidence to suppor lthat foul calumny. Instead of showing some moral fibre and retracting your claim, you choose instead to hide behind weasel words like

for sha

Posting on an internet forum is not the same as writing a journalistic article let alone a thesis so forgive me for being 'inaccurate'

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By Sooty25
johnm wrote:
Sooty25 wrote:
johnm wrote:The fundamental issue for me is that across the pages of this thread and elsewhere in the press social media and down the pub, no-one has yet come forward with a reasoned argument for Brexit that stands scrutiny.

there doesn't need to be one, and you'd never agree with one anyway!

So we make major policy decisions with no rational basis for them whatever? Even the Greens and the Labour Party can do better than that!

You'd be surprised about what I might agree to. I'm always open to reasoned argument and I have been faced with reasoned argument against my views before and changed my mind accordingly.....

how about, independence?

doesn't matter about perceived rights or wrongs, the people were asked...
By johnm
Independence in the modern interconnected world is not a simple concept. We do not live in isolation from the rest of planet Earth. As things stand we are an independent state co-operating or in conflict with many others in a range of ways that affect our independence of action. The EU membership is just one.

The people have indeed spoken but not with one voice or anything even close to it.
By Colonel Panic
It is interesting that the Swiss seem content (on the whole) to remain outside the EU, yet are land locked within it. Are they a bunch of right wing nationalists, or just happy with their independence?
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By PaulB
Is Switzerland independent?

"....resulted in a total of ten treaties, negotiated in two phases, the sum of which makes a large share of EU law applicable to Switzerland." ... _relations

It's also in Schengen and EFTA. Surely it must abide by loads of EU rules so can't be independent?

(Not asking CP specifically... juts jumping off his post.)

Similarly, is Norway independent?
By Robin500
johnm wrote:I am amused by the total lack of concern about the impact of Brexit and the terror of a year or two of a Labour Government.

Given that almost none of our public services work properly under the present government and that we have food banks in every town, just what are Labour going to do that will make things worse??

I would hazard a guess, bankrupt the Country and in doing so still take a lot more tax off everyone, including the less well off.

And why do you say a year or 2? It is 5 is it not...
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By PaulB
There was actually some really interesting analysis of politics and Brexit on the final "This Week" last night.

Even Piers Morgan was quite sensible. :shock:
By JoeC
Robin500 wrote:bankrupt the Country

Interestingly that is not really possible. The UK's resources are practically infinite. The idea that there is a limited amount of money or resource to run the country is a falsehood peddled by those who can't be **** to run the economy properly.

In a report a few years it was found that few MPs even understood that banks just made money up when they needed it for mortgages, loans or whatever.

For some reason we've all been duped into believing that tax take must equal spend, as this fits neatly with the political philosophy of everyman for himself. As if the country and its needs are like a business that needs to balance its books - which is an 18C construct - so that wealthy landowners could control and trust the work of the agents/managers they employed. A country evidently is not anything like a business.
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By cockney steve
^^^^^^Until it's money-supply is so much at odds with it's productivity, that other countries devalue it's currency or simply refuse to accept it. :roll:
Venuzela, anyone?
By johnm
@Robin500 I can’t add much to @JoeC but yes it is 5 years and your image of both Labour and Tories is about 50 years out of date :D
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By PaulB
Robin500 wrote:Lol, I think it’s Labour that are circa 50 years out of date. Shades of Michael Foot.

On the aforementioned "This week" last night Alan Johnson said that "Jeremy (Corbyn) hasn't changed his mind about anything since he was about 15"

Labour are less out of date, I think.
By johnm
I have pointed out that Corbyn is a 1970s throwback, but although he has been voted leader there are numerous Labour MPs who would have a more modern take on policy and even their manifesto reflects that.
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