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Leodisflyer wrote:
As for pollution and safety - lower energy usage at lower speeds, lower speeds are less likely to kill and why on earth would people assume that every car has an inefficient piston engine?

My own petrol engined car uses less energy doing steady speeds in 40-70 limits than it does mucking about in 20-30 limits. That is less energy determined by fuel consumption.
Leodisflyer wrote:
johnm wrote:There is little evidence at present but on an overall statistical basis I would be astounded if driverless cars were any more dangerous than those with humans directly in control.

I would be astounded if a human driver could match the safety of a driverless car.

But how would these folks cope with driverless cars? Would the car prevent such buffoonery?

This is a main A road which has a single lane bridge. I round the bend to discover a RR which appears to have crossed the bridge and is now reversing back on to it. On seeing me he pulls forward to let me cross and then again reverses. I conclude it has dropped off a passenger (seen right with camera in hand) to take a photograph of the car once it has reversed and stopped on the bridge. :roll:

Lovely day for such pics too!
Well, it's started...

A Met Police officer who knocked a teenager off a moped while employing a new ramming tactic could face criminal charges.
If he is prosecuted, the officer could be charged with actual bodily harm or grievous bodily harm.

The Met could also decide if there is a case to answer for misconduct, which could result in dismissal.
And so it came to pass... ... sutton.pdf

Notice for Gross Misconduct Hearing to be held in public on 7th-10th May 2019 at 0930hrs

Police Constable Edwin Sutton currently based at RTPC Borough.

It is alleged that Police Constable Sutton has breached the standards of professional behaviour in relation to Use of Force and Duties and Responsibilities.

It is alleged that:
On 21st May 2017 whilst driving a marked Police car, PC Sutton manoeuvred his vehicle into the path of a moped being driven by a 17 year old male in order to stop it, causing a collision.
you omitted to paste this bit,

"The identity of victims/witnesses will be protected during the hearing as appropriate."

Need to rustle up a couple of hundred objectors to bring this public hearing into chaos. I'm not a huge fan of some tactics used by the Police, but if they can't even tackle pond life like this, what chance does society really have.
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Daily Wail has what feels like court stenographer report.

Flying moped meat sack was riding without plates, insurance etc and allegedly accelerated into the path of the cop.

Always worth keeping a healthy disrespect for what Plod puts forward in court, especially without video evidence- but if I was caught riding without tax, insurance, plates and probably not my handbag (keep that for weekends), I doubt I’d complain if Plod did what he did.
Just realised we never concluded this discussion...

He was cleared...

What a ridiculous waste of time and money and a totally unfair way of treating that officer who was both trained in the procedure and explicitly told to use it.

Anyway... if you want plenty more satisfying footage of scrotes being knocked off their bikes by the Police, 'Snatch and Grab: Moped Gangs on the Rampage' was on Channel 5 on Monday and can be watched on catchup.

And if we didn't need any more convincing that this was a a good thing:-

Diane Abbot wrote:Knocking people off bikes is potentially very dangerous. It shouldn’t be legal for anyone.

Police are not above the law
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The other day I was listening to James O'Brien and someone contended that the reason Diane Abbot got so much stick was because she was a female and black.

There will certainly be times that those are motivators for some to comment negatively on her actions but seeing a statement by her as quoted by @stevelup proves the countrary - the flak is mostly because those are not clever statements.
Yep, I'm not in the slightest racist or misogynistic.

You do have to wonder though if she would get as much flack if she wasn't a black woman. Makes you feel guilty mentioning her sometimes, but she was quoted in an article I read about the police officer that's the subject of this discussion. What can you do... I mean she's an opposition front bencher. If she says something idiotic, you surely have to call her out on it?

The main people to blame are the Labour party. Why such an utterly incompetent person is still sat on the front bench of the 'opposition' party is just baffling.

I obviously use the term 'opposition' in the loosest possible manner...
They call it the bigotry of low expectations where skin colour / race / gender etc is a pass card for some people but not others.

Martin Luther King nailed it.
I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.
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