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By PeteSpencer
Strap headlines up there ^^^^ bearing 'fake news' about Philip Schofield's erectile dysfunction and its cure.

I wouldn't have guessed Seager Publishing needs the dosh that badly..

I thought this was a family show that one's teenage daughter could visit.

Or should I have binned the recent request to accept cookies?

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By jerry_atrick
I just saw an ad for something like Harry's Razors... Not sure I have ever googled shaving, but I guess they are pretty smart as I need a shave at the moment.. Maybe Google are using the web cam I don't have.
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By Paul_Sengupta
I happened to notice someone offering Bulldog flights on Wingly a few weeks ago so I clicked on it. Now I get Wingly ads up the top, down the side, in the middle of reading Facebook, everywhere!

Oh, and I also get loads of ads for Banggood. No, they sell electronic bits from China, nothing to do with the ads Pete's getting.

What was the Philip Schofield one actually advertising?

Edit: Having posted this, the ad at the top has now changed to one advertising the Avidyne IFD-440 now with free Bluetooth and Wifi.
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By GolfHotel
I’m getting tapatalk ads on here. Guess I will not accept cookies on my work pc as I don’t want i continence adds on my tablet.

Ps happy to have adds if it helps
By Cessna57
It seems to have spotted what I’ve just been searching for on
eBay and my ads have just changed to be related to that.

Bit scary how quick it updates and how specific it is.
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By PeteSpencer
flybymike wrote:I think I’m getting the same ads as Pete, but then we’re both of a certain age..

Nothing wrong with my hydraulics :wink:

The only thing I’ve done in the last few days is click a Flyer request that I accept cookies . I rarely google and I binned Facebook months ago after my account got hacked again . My only contact with’social media’ is the Flyer Forum though on occasions even that is far from social.

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By rikur_
The ads will be a mix of specific retargeting of individuals, or failing that, targeting of the demographic associated with the site.

e.g. if 100 people visit flyer with cookies enabled - then the advertising network can learn from those 100 that the main audience is older men, with interests including aviation. For those 100 the ad network might serve specific 'retargeting' adverts based on their specific history, or generic adverts targeting the audience of the site.

When new visitors come to the site - or those with no cookies/advertiser profile - then they will be served adverts based on the generic profile of the known users of the site.

So Pete's plumbing may be fine, but the ad network has learnt that visitors to the site in general have a higher than average propensity to respond to plumbing adverts.
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By Rob P
Again? Do I have to? My wardrobe is bursting.

Rob P
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