For help, advice and discussion about stuff not related to aviation. Play nice: no religion, no politics and no axe grinding please.
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By stevelup
I just don't like BS marketing. And all the big fanfare about the Model 3 being $35k was exactly that.
By Leodisflyer
Fair point and I like honest marketing, but they've both created and partially killed a market in doing it.

They are raising awareness that affordable EVs are in the horizon and, as soon as you start to shop, you find new EVs in the mid-£20k range with grants.

The marketing I have a real issue with is "self-charging hybrid".
By Colonel Panic
stevelup wrote:I just don't like BS marketing. And all the big fanfare about the Model 3 being $35k was exactly that.

Really? You can order a USD35k Model 3 now; delivery isn't that far out either - currently states "2-4 weeks".
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By Colonel Panic
Miscellaneous wrote:
Colonel Panic wrote:I am...

Interesting, what's causing the doubts?

Having become more used to a MB E Class type/size machine than a C Class in recent years (currently driving a Range Rover barge, previously an E Class Coupe), the more I think about it the less sure I become that I will enjoy a Model 3 (c/f MB C Class) anything like as much as I would a Model S (c/f E Class); the trouble is I can't justify the price of a Model S.

All very much a First World Problem. :oops:
By PaulB
I'm a number of rungs lower down, but it's price justification (partly) that's stopping me doing anything.
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By Miscellaneous
Thanks CP,

I think we too often unjustly beat ourselves up about living in the First World.

Rest assured I don't grudge you your Merc. :wink:
Colonel Panic wrote:All very much a First World Problem. :oops:
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By Trent772

With the launch of the new model, he now really has his line up

S 3 X Y

That is what he wanted !

Sexy isn't it :mrgreen:

Dragon has just eclipsed everything, calling the dummy Ripley, the earth model etc etc - just FAB !

Can you imagine the conversation before they opened the hatch.

Skipper, I can hear scratching noises from the Dragon capsule and Ripley is in there. What shall I do ?

Errrrrrrrrrr :shock:
By Mike Tango
I see Tesla have just reduced their base prices in the UK for the S and X...

We’re excited to announce lowered base prices for Model S and Model X.

Model S

Standard Range: £72,000
Long Range: £76,000
Ludicrous Performance: £83,300

Model X

Long Range: £80,200
Ludicrous Performance: £87,200

All Model S and Model X configurations come standard with a custom audio system, medical-grade HEPA filter, full heated seats and Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive.

With these updates, we’ve taken a significant step towards allowing everyone to buy a Tesla, and accelerating the transition to sustainable transportation.

Design and order yours today, or select from a variety of vehicles available for immediate delivery.
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By Paul_Sengupta
I think they're including the Model 3 in that statement!

But here, in the Welsh valleys, I live in a world where if someone advertises a car for £200, someone comes up and asks, "Will you take £150?"
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By stevelup
For the price of the 'entry level' S, you can now get the Audi e-tron which is a proper car made by a company capable of manufacturing a product with a level of quality that goes at least part of the way towards reflecting the price tag.
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