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Funny, the same thing happens with my ADF receiver when the aeroplane comes back from the annual.

try retuning to 198 KHz: 'The Archers', and unofficial Outer Marker for Staverton :)
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Last weekday RadMac was this afternoon, bit of an end of a very enjoyable era for me but look forward to their new weekend mornings in the new year.

Was really good to see Mark R make an appearance...

Quite an emotional last broadcast on R2 Drivetime from Simon Mayo. He was working hard to keep it together carefully sorting the requests and steering clear of any that might have pushed him over the edge.

The suits at R2 have cocked up big time.

Rob P
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Chris Evans had people phoning in on Monday who had bought new cars so that they could continue to listen to him on Virgin.
Given the animosity towards him by others, perhaps it would increase the value of a car with an FM radio only, marketed as guaranteed to be Chris Evans free.
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