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By VRB_20kt
Really sorry to see Simon Mayo departing from his evening show. A year ago it was one of the better shows on R2. Jo Whiley's going to be doing a 7pm - 9pm programme. I wonder who they'll get on at 5pm on weekdays.

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By Rob P
Interesting that the BBC, rather than admitting their blunder in sinking one of their better shows in a failed attempt at gender balance, are on the offensive, majoring on the "abuse" Ms Whiley was subject to on social media. A pretty transparent tactic.

RAJAR figures due out shortly and we'll be told how the show gained listeners, conveniently ignoring the fact it moved from two hours to three so would really require a 50% increase to have stood still.

A disaster from start to finish. The poor woman hadn't a clue what was needed on a drivetime show, wittered on about her children, the groups she knows, new music, festivals and endless stuff that had listeners turning off in droves and never managed any chemistry with her established and talented co-presenter

Rob P
Paul_Sengupta wrote:They were and are trying to turn Radio 2 into Radio 1 and that's not going to work for most people.

I think we need radio 1, radio 1.5 and radio 2. My children now listen to radio 2, I’m sure they’d like 1.5.

The other transmitters are infested with adverts as well as talentless presenters.
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By Rob P
stevelup wrote:Wrong sex, probably wrong colour, definitely wrong age. No chance.

He's on BBC WM fronting their breakfast show (brilliantly as ever). I listen to that rather than Chris Evans and his shouty presentation, but it must be said the traffic news is useless here in E Anglia

Rob P
At least one talentless presenter is off to virgin radio. Other opinions are avalible.

I was thinking Joe and Simon were developing a rapport, looks like too slowly for the BBC Although I’d agree it was dire at the beginning.
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By Rob P
The "specialist" music shows have been pushed back another hour to 9pm. Blues, folk, jazz and country have given way to a consolation prize for Ms Whiley, two full hours four days a week for her to update us on her children's doings and to give full reign to her sycophantic drooling over bands she's met at festivals.

As Paul Jones had already been axed in favour of Cerys Matthews on the blues show I can't say I care muchly.

Rob P
Worse than any of the above is RadMac being moved off weekday afternoons to weekend mornings on 6Music in the New Year, not chuffed with whoever made that decision.

Wishing Mark R the very best with his cancer treatment as well.
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By Rob P
So the RAJAR is out, for the politically correct and gender-balanced Drivetime

Reach is down 6.6% on the quarter and down 6.9% on the year – leaving the show with 6.0m listeners. Hours are also down, falling 6.7% on the quarter and 5.7% on the year.

Bedding in a treat

Rob P