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By rikur_
rikur_ wrote:I've done a bit of mowing of the lawn to get rid of the tufts - but it probably didn't need it
More wasps than usual
More bees than usual
Flies decreased until we had the first rain last week, now lots of flies
Keep finding dead pigeons (and scruffy looking alive ones)
Fewer small birds than usual
Mole has either died, or given up tunnelling
Much more furrowing than usual - something largish furrowing for food and making a right mess
Carrots hopeless
Beans stringy
Raspberries tiny
Apples plentiful but on the small side
Pumpkins looking good

mmm.... It appears that we've acquired at least one American mink.
Probably explains where the moorhens went, and the regular stream of dead but otherwise largely in tact pigeons and young rabbits we've been getting . (I did think it was strange that cats seemed to be catching birds on the muddy edge of the pond!). The pond is completely lifeless.
Anyone got any experience of getting rid of them? From what I can tell it's a case of catching with cages, then positively identifying, then shooting. Sounds like a job for a pro.
By Bill Haddow
PeteSpencer wrote:
Yeah, but you've got midges! :roll:


First midges of the year on Wednesday, just ab-initio trainers so far, but the complex, multis, and BAI / CAS versions expected shortly.

Bill H
By avtur3
matthew_w100 wrote:My garden seems different this year.

I haven't had to mow the lawn since May, which is wonderful.

Well .... talking of mowing lawns ... its 9th January and I've mowed the lawn today.

Not because I was bored but because it needed doing, all of the lawn is growing but about 70% is growing at a noticeable rate, hence it was looking scruffy and in need of a cut.

This is my first winter in the south-east, previously (up in t'frozzen climes of Manchester) I don't think I've ever cut the grass in the months of December through to March.

Anyone else hit their lawns yet?
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By Rob P
Looking at it (I use the term 'grass' I'm not sure it warrants the title of 'lawn'), but have much else to occupy the retiring years.

It's at the back, so only invited guests see it.

Hedgehog is out and about at night still.

Rob P
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By PeteSpencer
Dunno about lawns but our airstrip looks like it will need cutting in the next week or so, all six acres of it. :wink:

By johnm
Did the Alderney grass but the Cotswold blades are pretty static