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Colonel Panic wrote:
PeteSpencer wrote:That's when the krauto comes into its own: Hit the 'S'button and floor it: the acceleration even at 53 plate reg from 75 to 100 is neck breaking.

Top Tip - don't try that in a Tesla (other BEVs are available) as your neck won't merely be broken, but your head will be detached & in the boot.

No chance of my getting within a hundred miles of a Tesla on my pension, mon Colonel. :wink:

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Looks like the man credited with turning around Nissan's previously ailing fortunes and pushing them to be the first to bring an 'everyday' EV to market is soon to be out on his ear, if not in prison.

Carlos Ghosn, the chairman and chief executive of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Motors strategic alliance, has been arrested and charged with serious financial misconduct. Don't suppose it'll make any difference to day to day operations within the motor group, but given the pressure for commercial success, and now particularly with EV's, it makes you wonder what other shenanigans might be going on behind the scenes.
avtur3 wrote:
Colonel Panic wrote:..
Indeed - just like the "Cash for Ash" debacle in Northern Island. A classic case of poor legislation...

.. farm waste in Northern Ireland and our mainland which is being scammed.. Ofgem have not been as diligent as they should have ..Ofgem's response is to threaten the whistle blower, ..

Seems that wherever there are financial incentives to influence behaviour there are always those who will find ways to scam the system.

It had long been apparent that there are more such vulnerabilities at echelons of authority below national Government, the internal audit machinery in the latter being better staffed in bot numbers and professional training. The major defence was the Audit Commission, which had both authority to investigate anything (including examining all records, governmental and related commercial when services were outsourced) and a good record of listening to and protecting whistleblowers. It more than paid for itself in frustrated scams, and achieved significant internal disciplines, dismissals, and prosecutions.

Inevitably (?), it was abolished as an unnecessary quango ..
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A brief update; having fallen head over heels during a Model S test drive a few weeks ago I immediately put my name down for the more affordable but not yet available Model 3. I have just sat in one of the only two Model 3s in the UK. Initial impressions are that it is almost as nice, but slightly smaller (in a good way), and notably cheaper. Delivery would be (for me) late 2019 / early 2020.

One might feel the difference between the two Models is similar to the difference between a Mercedes E Class and a C Class. If that proves to be true then seeing as I benefit from having “... a fuller figure” a Model S might be more suitable.

Either way, these things are eye wateringly expensive so the reality is I will PROB80 get neither :(
Have they actually published a price yet? I'll be changing my car in late October 2020 and will definitely be hoping to go full EV.
I probably mentioned on another thread, but I've put the deposit down for a Renault Zoe. I'll never afford a Tesla!
Charging point installed last week (free although there were paperwork hassles). Due for delivery late February.

For me, the range will still be enough for almost all of my journeys, even after the battery gets down to the guaranteed 66% capacity in 8 years time (the evidence from current models is that unless I'm constantly quick charging multiple times a day regularly, the battery will be well above 66% in 8 years).
It will mainly be city driving and commute (so I've ordered an upgraded stereo). It isn't a rocket ship to drive, but more than good enough for what I do, with this year's model having an uprated motor. It has a fairly high seating position, as the floor is raised to fit the battery, and on test drive seemed to handle the terrible state of Glasgow's roads.
Will hopefully last us years.

I hear that Renault plan to double factory capacity for the Zoe next year - this year the Zoe and the Leaf sit at the top of the sales pile:
October 2018 numbers in Europe

I also see that Zoes are currently the fastest selling used cars on Auto-Trader, which probably means 2nd hand prices will be on their way up. Zoes with battery included were only on the site a few days.

Looking forward to reducing the money spent on getting to the flying club to burn AVGAS :)
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@JonathanB Difficult to be sure due exchange rates etc, but the launch spec for the Model 3 is very much towards the top end. There are -very- few options (paint, wheels and autopilot), but realistically one is looking at well north of £55k. Or about £25k more for a Model S
riverrock wrote:Charging point installed last week (free although there were paperwork hassles). Due for delivery late February.

JAAMOI, how does one get round the “you can only get a free(/subsidised?) charging point if you have an electric car” -before- the car arrives? Do the charge point people accept a confirmed order with a dealer as evidence of intent?
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