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Yep, 2123kg - and I didn't google that, which I think qualifies for nerd points!

Despite that, 0-60 has been independently tested at 4.17 seconds, not the 4.7 seconds they quote - not sure why they are underselling the speed.

What's really weird is it doesn't feel anywhere near as fast as a Tesla Model 3 LR. You floor the pedal in the Tesla and you really know you're in a fast electric car, but in this it seems much more genteel whilst actually being a bit faster - the power delivery curve is very different. Polestar say there are no different driving modes because they've carefully tuned everything. Wouldn't hurt to have an idiot button to make your passengers scream in my opinion!

I know I'm clearly biased being an early adopter of probably one of the first few hundred cars in the country, but it really is an impressive looking beast in the flesh. The photos don't quite do it justice. It has a really reassuring heft to it despite actually not being that big.

On the test drive, it was amazing how many people were staring at it.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't counting the days down...
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stevelup wrote:Got my delivery date for the Polestar - 11th September...

… and?
Fellsteruk wrote:Good luck on the date being soon be sure to share plenty of pics and views/thoughts I’m thinking of my next EV now and have to say the choice these days is vast in comparison to just 2 years ago.

That's why I was happy to have a two year lease only on the i3.
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I like the i3 trying to convince the wife to have one to replace her fiat...

I’ll prob do the same with a short term lease next, I have a cyber truck on order but that was placed after one too many rums and given its size it ain’t gonna work over here and won’t be seen for a while anyway.

Was looking at etron, but friend got one and it’s been back to Audi more times than I’ve had dinners maybe he got a lemon and unlucky but put me off them.
Fellsteruk wrote:I like the i3 trying to convince the wife to have one to replace her fiat...

My wife dislikes it as she reckons it's a car from nerds for nerds. The ride is a bit hard. It is totally impractical for any utilitarian work such as shopping, or ferrying anyone other than little kids in the back. The booth is tiny and the rearwards opening doors a pain if you need to open them with shopping in your hands.

It's fine for my work use and going on my own to the airfield.

Quite enjoy it, but wouldn't buy another one.

Why lease? No cheaper reliable driving. Here the cars are heavily subsidised, lease rate a 100% deductible business expense and electric cars attract no BIK, minimal 'fuel' costs.
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The doors on the i3 cannot be anymore useless than the falcon wing doors on mine... sure they look great, try opening them in a multistory car park :)

Some lease plans are amazing my friend through NHS staff benefit got an EQC all in including Insurance for a little under £500/month plus free juice at work. No brainer.
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Flyin'Dutch' wrote:... the rearwards opening doors a pain if you need to open them with shopping in your hands.

You have experienced this so I have no doubt what you say is correct, but try as I might I can't see how forward opening (front-hinged) doors are any easier if you happen to have shopping in your hands.

Supplementary: Doesn't it have a boot in which you can put shopping?

Rob P
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@Rob P

The rear doors can only be opened after the front ones are! So you have to hold stuff, open front doors which appear only marginally shorter than those of a two seater, balance stuff and then open rear ones which only open 90 degrees and shove stuff through a small aperture as front seat is further back and raked back.

Shopping storing capacity very small in booth rarely sufficient for a weekly shop of a now small family of three. We are a mere stone's throw away from shopping venues which makes it a nuisance rather than problem.

Am told these practical issues are result of it being a development from what was a concept car to help BMW have something electric in the line-up.

For 90% of my car needs it is fine (drive to/from practice) and I enjoy driving it but for the remaining 10% it is more useless than a Boxster/911. The latter 2 having a vastly better range.

It's fun car and as I wrote, for me very cheap 'motoring'
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