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It was all the rage 10 yrs or so ago. There wern't the electric off the shelf cars to go and buy and there were many clubs that grew up both here and in the USA to help people source batteries, controllers, suitable vehicles, chargers, controllers etc and a wealth of knowledge soon built up The Battery Vehicle Society in the UK was one such and they used to hold meetings with engineers from other disciplines applying their expertise help and advice to a number of amateur builders of EV's.

Mostly in decline now as more pre-loved electric cars come onto the market it takes away some of the necessity to build your own - bit like flying and building your own aeroplane in many ways.
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By stevelup
Well, had the Polestar 2 test drive yesterday. Was with a bit of trepidation as I ordered it sight unseen let alone driven.

Big relief. It exceeded all expectations. Lots of waffle follows.

The test drive was to be in a convoy which I thought sounded a bit Carp... but it actually worked - it was a well thought out route with a full variety of roads - some A, some little winding B, a chunk of motorway. I was at the back which was ideal. The other cars were bunched right together - we hung well back and undoubtably had more fun!

First things first, audio. Absolutely superb. I come from a long succession of BMW 5-series and always specify the Harman Kardon audio system. It did not disappoint, and was definitely better than that in my three year old five series. Clean deep bass and a very accurate and neutral sound. Found one little bug - you can choose to make the audio 'driver focussed' - which promptly focussed the sound on the left hand seat. A missed tick box there in the RHD conversion!

I already know the infotainment system inside out because I've been playing with it on the a simulator, but it was good to test it on the actual hardware, and it was flawless from a performance point of view. Silky smooth, and rapid to navigate. Very intuitive - I'd say this is without doubt the current gold standard in car infotainment systems.

The central display was bright and clear even in the stonking sunlight we had this afternoon. At no point did the sun overpower it.

The graphics on the instrument cluster are really clear and easy to see. If I had one observation, it would be that it isn't very bright. There were reflections on the rather pointless bit of plastic in front of the LCD panel which reduced the contrast significantly. BMW just have the bare LCD panel there with an anti-reflective coating on it. I don't know why that bit of plastic is even there to be honest. It's a legacy from a bygone era.

Ambient lighting wasn't easy to see because even inside the venue it was brightly lit, but it looked nice. It makes the whole section around the gear shift appear to float.

Interior build quality fell somewhere between a 3-series and a 5-series BMW. There are some hollow sounding and sharp hard plastics low down on the centre console but other than that everything felt nice. You can't say it looks expensive but it certainly looks different and interesting. The mixtures of materials and fabrics is really cool and contemporary. All very unusual.

The panoramic roof is absolutely superb. As I mentioned above, it was an absolutely scorching afternoon with bright sun yet at no point did I feel any heat on my head. Whatever the coating is, it works flawlessly.

Climate control was powerful - way better than the useless system on my G30 5-series - however it is pretty primitive. For example, there only appears to be a single blower motor so the airflow on both sides is always the same. I've not had a car with a single blower motor in over a decade... Maybe it does have two motors and this is a current software limitation. Don't know.

One little niggle, and I'm sure I'll get used to it, is that the seat squab was not flat. Even with the thigh extension thing pushed all the way in, I could feel a ridge right in an annoying place on the back of my thighs. Was pretty irritating, but I guess it's one of those things that will just disappear.

I can't remember where I read it but someone was complaining about the controls for the mirrors and windows being 'in the wrong place'. I don't know what physiological weirdness that person has, but I had no such problem - everything fell exactly to hand.

Wing mirrors were brilliant - they look so cool, and yet were perfectly functional. The internal mirror on the other hand almost might as well not be there because the view out of the back is borderline non-existent!

360 degree camera worked well, and automatically activated when close to other cars. A good clear view. For creeping out of junctions or parking spaces, the front and rear cameras offer a 180 degree view when manually activated.

Despite still not running the final UK software, the driver assistance functions were working correctly as far as I could see.

The centre console will take some getting used to. I couldn't work out where to put my arm. It's a massive contrast with my current car where the large wide centre console is completely flat. I found the angled part digging into my arm a bit. But it's not a show stopper.

Exterior fit and finish and attention to detail was absolutely flawless. Perfect panel gaps, and a real solid feel to everything you touch. It really doesn't get any better than this. On a par with the best German stuff.

The ride was firm but not unpleasant. It basically felt the same as a BMW with the M-Sport suspension.

The power delivery was really interesting. As testing has proven, it's actually quicker than the Tesla Model 3 LR, but it doesn't feel it because it delivers the power in a more progressive manner. You still get that incredible acceleration that makes you squeal the first few times you do it, but it somehow does it with more finesse than the Tesla. It's really hard to explain. It's just software - different curve - but I liked it.

Windscreen wipers were great. The washer fluid is delivered brilliantly across the whole length of the wiper blades. A minor thing, but well done. The whole length of the wiper blade is heated too as is the steering wheel. No doubt a nod to its Nordic origins, so should be good in winter.

I'm sure I've missed stuff, but there ends my review!
Sticks to the road like glue - you can throw it into corners with no perceptible roll at all - it's hard to believe it weighs 2.1 tonnes.

0-60 is sub 4.2 seconds - I don't know why they are claiming 4.7 - a weird bit of underselling.

I like hard suspension - I've specced the BMW M-Sport suspension on as many cars as I remember - it feels about the same. I think those folks commenting on it having a hard ride, perhaps don't like a hard ride!

Was great fun to drive. It just went where you pointed it and the power deliver was both smooth and completely relentless.

Whisper quiet - we were on the motorway at 70mph with the aircon and radio off so we could hear every sound. My 5-series actually produces more wind noise and tyre noise. I want to avoid the constant Tesla comparisons because they are getting boring but it is -way- quieter than a Tesla. I mean must be talking an order of magnitude quieter at least. No perceptible wind noise at all, and any sounds coming from underneath seemed to be very well damped. I wonder how much those clever mirrors are contributing to the quietness at motorway speeds.

Just need a bleedin' delivery date now... Was July, then August, now September. Maybe I'll get it some time in 2020.
@stevelup Is yours coming with the fancy-pants Öhlins suspension option?
My Model 3 is now a year old. We've driven 9,500 miles, using 2,600kWh at 5p / unit at home, and 850kWh at Superchargers. The latter was free, but ordinarily would cost 24p / unit.

Had we paid 5p for all units, it would work out at ~1.8p / mile.

Overall, in the year before the Model 3 arrived we spent £4,500 on fuel. In the year after, including the increase in electricity, we spent £750.

All I now need to do is configure a system that allows me to make use of our 4kW pv system to charge the car FOC, but this is complicated by me not having a suitable wall charger. :(

The year has been virtually problem free; no road tax, no servicing, and only one very minor plastic trim clip needed to be fitted, which was done at my house. Added to the fact that it is a dream to drive, I am delighted with the purchase. :thumleft:
I think I’m just going to swap my Ioniq PHEV for an Ioniq BEV in the end. Can’t justify the extra for a Tesla or Polestar. :(
He's not trying hard enough. That's the stock, zero effort answer. There are cancelled orders scattered across the country. An hours work should find one in the spec you want and have it moved to your local dealer.
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