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[quote="Spooky"he plucked up the courage to ask a girl he liked "Baise-moi" . He received a slap to his hopeful grin. He had wanted to say "kiss me"!

Laughed out loud at that one. French is a nightmare :)

My high school French teacher spent his summers in France as a kid. Telling his younger (French) cousins to hurry up through the park every day, he couldn't understand why every day they kept looking up the trees and shaking their heads.

He was shouting "des pêches, des pêches!"

Camping holiday in France with a mate when were 16, met up with another Scot in a local bar. He was about 20 or 21, and doing quite well with a very attractive french lass. The toilet wasn't working in the bar, so announced to her he was going for "pisser dans la bush". I'm guessing she heard bouche...and he didn't see her for dust!
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