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On Sunday afternoon I flew with Monarch from Manchester to Venice. In my experience of CAT the first passenger safety announcement usually comes from the flightdeck who welcome the pax on board and then ask for the pax to give their attention to the more detailed safety announcements given by the cabin crew. I would hazard a guess that much of what is said is not really heard or listened to by most pax.

Sunday I saw something a little different, when the pax were all (just about) seated the captain appeared at the front of the cabin, PA handset in hand and facing his pax. In a loud, clear and friendly voice he introduced himself, the cabin went quiet. He then went on offer a very warm and friendly welcome to the pax and gave a few details of the flight plan. He finished with a clear 'invitation' to everyone to please listen to the following safety announcement by his cabin crew.

The cabin crew then delivered their safety briefing to an almost silent cabin, I've never seen/heard anything like it. I don't know if this is a Monarch policy to try and get greater engagement from the pax for the safety briefing or if was just that particular captain's way of doing it, but it certainly brought near complete silence to the cabin for a few minutes.

At the end of the flight it was noticeable that the first officer took a prominent position to offer a cheery farewell to departing pax. I may be completely wrong but it gave the impression that the flight crew were far more visible than usual.

Somehow I'm not expecting the same later in the week when I'll be one of many hundreds on board an A380!
I think Joe C has it¬ My branch of RBS closed. Some time later, i went into the branch the account had been transferred to........Indifferent, surly, offhand,obstructive came to mind. They would not accept cash to pay into another person's account, at another bank......I walked out and went to a branch of the other probs.

Forward a couple of weeks. walked in, smiling staff, warm greeting, opened another "till" to serve me, made a 3rd party payment easy and quick.. I walked out a happy bunny.
Some time later, I went back and wanted to make another transfer to the same person.....brightly, the Teller said "yes, I have the details, you've recently sent to the same A/c"

From walking out, determined to close the account, I am now a regular, happy customer.

That has cost RBS virtually nothing, to make the staff realise " customer = job = wages "
If both my and Avtur's experiences are not unique. I see both companies improving their business at minimal cost.

PS I complimented the last Teller on the vast improvement in "customer Experience " She blushed and beamed from ear to ear....what goes around,comes around.
cockney steve wrote:.. make the staff realise " customer = job = wages "
.. improving their business at minimal cost.

PS I complimented the last Teller on the vast improvement in "customer Experience " She blushed and beamed from ear to ear....what goes around,comes around.

Apologies if I've mentioned this here before ..

When we went to the US in early '80s, the 'no quibbles returns' policy, always withn a (possibly artificial) smile was a refreshing change after what was then the norm in many UK stores (except, famously, M&S), and perhaps particularly in large DIY ones; perhaps because there, often, customer was dealt with by older men who knew about the technical stuff but not about how to deal with customers unless they, too, were tradesmen.

The first time after we returned from US in mid-'80s, and I wanted to do a return in a large chain DIY store, I was handled swiftly, efficiently, courteously and with a friendly smile by an evidently competent young lady, who was eager to please. I asked to speak to her supervisor. She looked worried, but called him. A middle-aged man came over. I said that I only wanted to compliment the young lady on her exemplary customer service. He said 'sorry, we only have complaint forms', and walked away. :roll:
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Sir Morley Steven wrote:As BA now try to sell you stuff (they had run out of food last week) they are no better now than Easyjet.
Actually I am wrong. Easyjet's planes are newer.

Shawly, 'no better than' includes 'worse than', so you are wrong because you were right, not because you were wrong. :)
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Had a similar experience a couple years ago from the captain (henrik I think) of our Easyjet flight to Barcelona. Not seen it before or since, not on Easyjet or any airline actually. Must just be the way he likes to do things rather than an Easyjet policy. It's a nice touch though. They have an "Easyjet Spirit" scheme you can nominate their people for which is good.