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By GolfHotel
avtur3 wrote:
Paul_Sengupta wrote:
avtur3 wrote:No ... that is not funny :(

It was supposed to represent the comment that someone made about the IoW.

In bread.

I know, but I'm a dog lover ... not in the foody sense ... that would hardly be worth opening your mouth for !!!

Paul. "In bread" lol now I get it. I did wonder what the heck that was about. Dohh.

avtur. Isn't that legally suspect? Or do you mean another type of lover?
By avtur3
GolfHotel wrote:
avtur. Isn't that legally suspect? Or do you mean another type of lover?

Sixty years I've been trying to get to grips with the english language ... I guess I'm a lost cause :lol:
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By GAFlyer4Fun
In no particular order....

Tail gating.
Drivers swerving aggressively between lanes on dual carriageways/motorways overtaking/undertaking trying to save 1 minute on their journey time.
Drivers trying stupid overtakes on the wider roundabouts.
Drivers that can't stay in lane and cut corners.
Drivers that never indicate.
Fly tipping.
Graffiti on someone else's property.
Littering next to a recycling bin and refuse bin.
Recycling confusion as different areas have different collection rules as to what can and can't be recycled.

Drivers/passengers dumping fast food waste and packaging on the road.
Drivers/passengers dumping unopened drinks cans on the road. (Must be trying to cause more damage than an empty can to the following vehicles).

Cyclists that don't give way when they should (according to the Highway Code!)
Cyclists that jump the traffic lights.
Cyclists with headphones that have no idea what is going on around them and cant hear the engine or tyre noise of the vehicle behind them.

Cyclists that blame drivers for the collision when the cyclist was really at fault. Drivers that blame cyclists for the collision when the driver was really at fault. Ditto for motorcyclists.

Insurance company policies that wont allow the at fault party to admit fault to the third party at the scene.
Third parties that admit fault and then completely change their story once the insurers are involved.
Innocent party being attributed full or partial blame by an insurance company just to reduce the total cost of a claim.

Uninsured drivers.

Drivers trying to park and bump into an unoccupied vehicle and don't fess up leaving the innocent third party with the bill for repairs.

Drivers that catch up with a cyclist and swerve into the path of the clearly visible oncoming traffic rather than wait for a safe gap to overtake.
Drivers doing the above going into a blind bend!

Drivers in queues that see/hear a motorcyclist and deliberately close the gaps to try and block filtering.

Drivers that don't use mirrors before changing lanes.
Drivers that don't look over their shoulder before changing lanes to check the blind spot is clear of a cyclist/motorcyclist/car/van/bus/lorry. (Motorcyclists are taught this "life saver").

Drivers that brake for every corner when there is no need to change speed. (Maybe I should buy shares in the company that makes brake pads).
Drivers that touch that brake momentarily and so lightly there is no noticeable change in speed if I don't brake and I don't reduce throttle. They do it on a straight bit of road well below the speed limit for no reason even when there is a huge gap to the vehicle behind.

Drivers weaving while using sat nav, smartphone or other tech.
Drivers that put the sat nav on the windscreen in a position that creates a significant blind spot.

Drivers that have no idea of their speed. Some will hit the brakes if they see a speed camera (or something that have be a speed camera) even if they are well below the speed limit.

Drivers that tailgate a car/van/lorry with L plates.
Drivers that tailgate a car with P plates.
Drivers that tailgate a motorcycle with L plates.

Drivers with only one vehicle behind them on a major road that is free flowing that will stop to let out a vehicle on the left that is turning left that has only just got to the give way line. One day they will get rear ended for being "kind/considerate".

Roads speed limits gradually reducing to 30 everywhere so it takes ages to get anywhere. It dumbs down driver skills of machine control and observation/anticipation. The increased journey times causing many people to have increased fatigue, frustration, tail gating, stupid overtakes, road rage.

Drivers eating a burger or sandwich or pasta bake while they drive.
Women applying lipstick while driving.

Crash for cash insurance claims and fake injury claims.

So many poor road surfaces. The UK is supposed to be a G8 country so ought to have decent transport infrastructure.

Homeless people (not immigrants) that live rough because the State wont help them yet the State gives away much more in foreign aid. Similarly when the health service needs more funding.

Turning off power stations to a schedule before the replacements have gone live.

Pensions fiasco. If you have already retired you are lucky. Most of those that have not retired are stuffed (more colourful descriptive words are available).

Loss of jobs and tax revenues due to offshoring. I know it is a global economy, but it is a double edge sword if offshoring gets a cheaper product price but we end up having to support the consequentially unemployed people from less tax revenues.

Loss of culture and social skills when shops close as they cannot compete with internet shopping.

Internet bill payments where the bank does not make the scheduled payment and the system has no record of the payment being set up, despite the system having displayed a successful confirmation on screen.

Encouraged to do everything (banking and utilities) online to save paper documentation and statements, and then trying to prove it is your account and what the amounts should be in the event there is a computer error or internet crime.

Increased transparency in everything we do. The innocent have nothing to hide but it must be a dream for cyber thieves.

Identity theft.

Internet websites that don't work properly if the browser settings are set to the highest security level.

Google Navigator using a smartphone GPS and smartly showing me driving through fields, woods, walls, rivers, houses, garages, shops when I am really on a major road.... and it then has the cheek to try and vector me to get back onto the road I am already on! Or when timely directions would be appreciated and it can't as it is lagging behind too far or zoned out the position accuracy or frozen.

Deciding to learn a new computer skill but cant get a job using it as don't have N years demonstrable experience of using it for another company with a broadly similar tool set. (Does not apply to newbie graduates or interns). The companies then say they cant get skilled people and use it to justify immigration of people with those skills, or offshore the work.

Fake reviews.
Fake goods.
Fake batteries that make mobile phones, tablets and laptops a fire risk.
Fake electrical goods that are a fire risk.

Rubbish mobile phone signal coverage contrary to the coverage map.

Software upgrades that don't install properly.
Software upgrades that lose user data or make a device unusable.

Finding reputable trades-people for house maintenance. (Asking the neighbours does not always help).

People wanting everything for nothing (or close to/below cost price), yet everyone needs some sort of income to put food on the table.

Where is the Pet Likes thread? :lol:
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By kanga
I am not given to 'hate' as I understand the word, so I rather mislike the thread title. But one of my commonest sources of irritation these days is grosser solecisms be 'factual' (nes, documentray) broadcasters, especially in prepared (as opposed to '2-way live') pieces which they or their producers should have had both the knowledge and time to script or correct. I am relatively forgiving (only mildly narked) by errors between near-homophones (eg 'uninterested'/'disinterested'), but am far less accepting of confusion between clear antonyms. One of the latter which I have heard in broadcasts more than once, in different contexts, in the last few days is 'ancestor'/'descendant'. :evil:
By Paultheparaglider
GAFlyer4Fun wrote:In no particular order....

Fair play to you, GAF4F, that deserves an A+ for effort.

By the way, the good news is that as you get older being a A+ grump gets a lot easier. The secret is to be more targeted, but to put real vitriol into it. That way, you have to type a lot less. Take careful note of a few of the older chaps on this thread who have it down to a fine art. :wink:
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By GAFlyer4Fun
Flintstone wrote:Must........resist........

We are the Borg.... resistance is futile....

If this was a drone thread, former Borg Drone designated Seven Of Nine would be dispatched to assimilate you.
Resistance is futile... particularly after beers and curry.
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By skydriller
GAFlyer4Fun wrote:If this was a drone thread, former Borg Drone designated Seven Of Nine would be dispatched to assimilate you

I can think of worse things than assimilating with that there seven of nine bird :bounce: ...
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By MercianMarcus
Parcel companies (Hermes) who clearly own a time-machine, but won't let me have a go in it.

12/12/2016 17:05 Posted through letterbox
13/12/2016 08:28 Due to be delivered today

By chevvron
Supermarket bought sandwiches which are smothered in mayo.
The wife won't touch them and I don't particularly like mayo, so why do they have to do this, why not just include a small satchet of mayo so you can take it or leave it?
OK Sainsbury do carry a limited line marked 'non-mayo' but 99% of sarnies seem to have mayo in some quantity.
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