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By TrickyWoo
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I applied and went all the way to the interview process. Failed. Was suspicious from the lukewarm welcome when walking in that my Oxford Uni, military (ranks not commissioned) and professional (and white) self was v. much non grata in Brighton*. All 3 were non-white and the quite comedically pompous British Indian who was the main interviewer was openly hostile. And I think not overly bright. Perhaps I wasn't bright enough to hide that thought. Having spoken with more mags since then (this was 2020) I think I dodged a bullet. Also some other candidates were notably devoid of humour or, seemingly, introspection. Pompous lot all around actually.

Only one person's experience of course. 2 current JPs did comment 'well we did say apply for London...'

*Do you really think military experience is relevant here? (Yes. Too bloody right I do - useful life experience at the very least). 'Why do you think so many of those brought before us (see what I mean about pompous and he could have been talking about just himself) didn't do to Oxford or Cambridge? (Well I know you didn't. Now)
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TrickyWoo wrote:Pompous lot all around actually.

I haven't checked but you haven't been on the forum all that long have you? You probably don't realise how many smiles that triggered.
Honestly I think it helps. Seriously. When dealing with others of the same ilk. It's clear anyone with a tendency to it would go Full Fat Caligula in weeks. People standing up when you walk in for Your Worship, signing warrants at 3am for the local CID boys, dealing with impertinent solicitors who should know better.

The main man was clearly a fan of banging people up. My main feeling in observation sessions was one of sympathy. Almost all the case I sat through were women and drugs. One 30 yr old was almost see-through and looked properly done in for good. The thought came that the phrase 'well it's for Your Own Good young lady' would come all too readily to some of 'em. Certainly the one who interviewed me wasn't much on the lenient / balanced side. 'Sometimes [puffs up] it is necessary [semi-Captain Mainwairing now] send people to PRISON. This is something YOU would have to do? Do you understand that? [No longer semi-Captain, now just with an actual semi]. 'Yes. Of course. If I didn't it would be wasting my time and yours. But I do think it has to be balanced?' That was probably the end for the Brighton Rumpole 1.

One other case - bloke had beaten up his gf,, thrown a brick at his ancient grandfather and biffed a PC and generally been thoroughly beastly to all around. Potential mag next to me 'probably just a hard upbringing'. My dad was CID. After that I can see why polis aren't fans of JPs / muppets and prefer stipes / District Judges.
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By TrickyWoo
I'm not sure the social benefit is clear. It's cheap justice. For the most part thre's a schedule of sanctions on an iPad and the clerk for anything unusual. These are public documents. There are mitigating circs which must be taken into account but by and large (from what I saw and what i've been told) the punishments are pretty predictable. I think after a few years there's more interesting work but for the complex and serious cases they use DJs who are of course actual salaried magistrates (solicitors) on 90k PA and there are fewer of them for that reason.
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By GrahamB
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Mrs GB has been a mag for over twenty years, and chairs the Youth Panel (= Court).

From meeting many of them over the years, I'd say our local bench are generally quite unstuffy and non-pompous.

The notable exception was an ex-RAF type, who IMHO was mysoginistic, self-entitled and clearly a 'badge-collecter'. Had he not retired when he did (at the age when you have to leave the bench), I don't think it would have been long before Mrs GB was on the other side of the court for decking him.
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By Mz Hedy
Quick google delivered

I wonder which of these you failed on:
    Good Character
    Understanding and Communication
    Social Awareness
    Maturity and Sound Temperament
    Sound Judgement
    Commitment and Reliability.

Actually, congratulations for putting your name forward in the first place. Sorry you feel rejected. I read they're actually starting another recruitment campaign*, so maybe you should apply again. If you didn't rate the members of the bench that you met, then it's all the more reason they should have people like you on board.
Edit: *Ah! Just went back through the thread and see you started with a report of that.
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