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By Rob L
There was a very well-made BBC documentary (involving the great Bob Harris of the Old Grey Whistle Test) many years ago about how the draft album "Bat Out of Hell" was thrown around the USA and refused by a whole host of record companies, until Jim Steinman listened to the first track and said "what the hell, let's record it".
This was peak of punk, and "grand opera" (like Queen) was relatively unknown.

Meat Loaf Paradise by the Dashboard Light, live 1978 at Old Grey Whistle Test:

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Andrew Sinclair wrote:During my pre-military college days I had a Rocky Horror Picture Show moment and Eddie was a brilliant character played fantastically by Meatloaf

Yep - he played “the Greaser in The Freezer” well, and gifted the witty audience participation line “Look - it’s the Fat outta Hell!”

Bat of out Hell playing on the car’s cassette player was a major contributing factor for more than one of my mates plinking car-sized holes in various winding country road hedges BITD.
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