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Not so much a thought experiment as a peek into the future.

Assuming that that it's just about over, what are we all prepared to give up or change to pay for the last couple of years?

Governments are doing what they were always going to do by inflating themselves out of their own debt but the rest of us have to pay for ourselves (and the increased government costs) while the real value of our personal wealth / income / pension pot / kids inheritance rapidly diminishes.

And even if we can sort ourselves out personally, what's the effect for families, the economy, society, education, government, climate change... everything?
Apart from the increase in energy costs, there is another storm coming - the price of fertiliser has more than doubled leading to, less cereal and other crops laid down this spring and food prices taking off next summer. So it comes to pass that the good old FYM has real value after all - well it always was better anyway. As for farms - my father always said “ you can tell a farm by its midden - meaning - it’s it’s well kept and tidy, knowing it’s value, the farm is well run.
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Miscellaneous wrote:@eltonioni I'm a tad confused at the question of being willing. Are we to be given options? :D

<without, of course, being in any way Partisan :oops: >

In democracies, yes, by choosing for whom (by general philosophy or specific policies) to vote. Obviously, some factors are outside the control of our own elected governments, eg the availability/cost of imports; but domestic policies may be able to minigate those risks, and candidates' manifestos may address the issue.


Equally, of course, there are some measures which the individual may choose to take in recognition of such risks, without any governmental action. With a bit more effort our allotment could be a lot more productive .. :oops:
The ten richest people (worldwide) have seen their assets double in value, and at the other end another 100 million people have been shoved into extreme poverty.

There will come a time that the poor aren't going to accept to be fobbed off with biting on a stick any longer..
On a purely personal level, my wife and I have almost totally got out of the habit of visiting restaurants, and I doubt that'll change much.

Nationally, the odd transport vanity project might well be killed off.

Whatever the future, it'll also need to be a lot greener - and that'll change many things.

Purely to put the cost of Trident over it’s entire lifetime in perspective. (£167billion?) Planned spending for the Department of Health and Social Care IN ENGLAND was £212.1 billion in 2020/21, up from £150.4 billion in 2019/20.

It’s anyone’s guess how much covid has cost the UK, but shall we guess £400-£500 billion????

This sum cannot be paid for by “giving stuff up.” Nor can it be covered by personal taxation. Certainly not in the short to medium term.
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I would willingly give up my bus pass and winter fuel allowance - I can pay my way.
Police forces scrub round buying bliddy BMWs. I make big efforts not to buy foodstuffs from the continent or further afield. Buy British as much as possible. Make advanced education and training in tech and medical fields free of charge. Compulsory apprenticeships available inside companies with 50 or more employees. Scrub round job seekers allowance for those with no intention of looking for work, reduce benefits to the workshy if three job offers turned down. We’ve got to snap out of this.
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Saw a police Tesla the other day. Going to have a lot of down time to patrol time... Even I
With superchargers. Probably part of show you are doing something for the environment don't worry about the cost.

Also oh god not another thread.
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