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I"ve noticed that we have a lot of chubby 30/40 year old pilots in the club (flying club -not the other one ).
I often have a walk around the field when not helping out fuelling up aircraft, Recently suggested to a chubby friend that he might like to join me for a stroll-about a mile.
Not keen--bit far--A MILE!.
I get the impression that quite a few aviators rarely walk further than to the aircraft and back again--true or not.???
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Thx- reminded me of a good friend (Jim) who did his flight training out of Glasgow Airport BITD.

“Yeah, my aircraft’s TO performance would be a lot better if I wasn’t such a fat bad start”

That was around 1988.

It was my first introduction into the lovely world of self-depreciation that is UK pilots.
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By StratoTramp
I'm the heaviest I have ever been, which isn't great as I fly Microlights. I need to get back to trail running. Had a good streak at the beginning of the year. In the past I have done fell marathons as well as ultramarathons (longest was 70k - just over a marathon and a half) I am a right slob now. Turned proper soft... Thanks for reminding me :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

I'm going to go eat 12 bars of chocolate to cheer me up and then cry myself to sleep when It doesn't work

:lol: :wink:
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By Rob P
I was unsure of my fitness levels, so this summer I did a 25k hike (I hate 'K' but that was the challenge. Fifteen and a half miles if you like.)

Then another the next week, then another, then a shorter one. Kings Lynn to Cambridge down the Ouse over four weekdays.

Proves nothing, but I enjoyed every minute - except the day it drizzled.

Rob P
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By Rob P
I take advice from one Cathryn Woodward who suggests a decent level of fitness will be of some help with what lies ahead.

Rob P
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By StratoTramp
Rob P wrote:Then another the next week, then another, then a shorter one. Kings Lynn to Cambridge down the Ouse over four weekdays.

Sounds great. I got my lowland leader qualification earlier this year. For that had to log 20x 4-5 hour hikes. Space to think / fresh air. Bet you secretly enjoyed the drizzle - it's just not fashionable to say :lol:

I take my advice from Zombieland, which suggests some level of cardio is important for running away from zombies.
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By PeteSpencer
Way back in the day job I used to listen to many not entirely frivolous arguments between two colleagues , one a fairly sedentary cardiologist , the other an anaesthetist who was a rabid triathlete , over the ‘number of heartbeats per lifetime’ and the wisdom of husbanding them.

There were powerful arguments for each side.

I sat on the fence .

Sadly, the triathlete got knocked off his bike just up the road from the hospital, seriously smashing his ankle and putting paid to his triathletic career . :(
By Paultheparaglider
StratoTramp wrote:In the past I have done fell marathons as well as ultramarathons (longest was 70k - just over a marathon and a half)

When I was living in Hong Kong, there was a big annual charity fundraising event where a team of 4 would all complete the MacLehose trail which covers 100km of some of the best scenery to be found there including many of its highest hills.

I've never done anything so draining in my life. The team I was in back in the early nineties completed the trail in a bit over 16 hours (ie a speed of only 4mph) which might not seem that good, but when you bear in mind we set what was then a civilian team record and were only beaten by the two top gurkha teams, it is an achievement of which I am very proud.

The record time for an individual is apparently now just over 10.5 hours which I find remarkable. ... -hong-kong

If anyone ever gets the chance to hike some of it, I highly recommend sections 2 and 3. The scenery is stunning. Just don't underestimate it, and take a lot of fluid. ... rvoir.html
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By Pete L
Is that a real thing, Pete? The lifetime supply of heartbeats? I've read about telomeres and how many times a cell can be replaced so it's not completely implausible.

Does exercise compensate for other potential life shorteners?

Are the benefits of an extercise lifestyle actually felt by the rest of society - if you keel over suddenly the rest of us spend less keeping you going?

Does exercise give you a shorter but better later life? I'd much rather be walking around than stuffed full of pills on the sofa in my declining years. Being able to still lift stuff without asking a teenager is handy. (One of Viv and I's jokes was that she kept me around to get the lids off pickle jars. Then she got a strap-wrench).

It is interesting how many doctors have unhealthy lifestyles. One of my AMEs drank himself to death and many nurses and doctors look like they are mostly sedentary. Is the NHS population fitter or less fit than average?

I guess the hours and stress don't help, but my previous conclusion that medics were the one group of people who knew life was finite and determined to enjoy it while it lasted.