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I did think about having my lad christened as Sir.
I usually work out peoples age by name
peter, brian and colin and bills are all in their 60/70s
All jacks are in their 20 s
Kevins are in their 50s
Alberts in their 80s
Latest names seem to be things like cloud . stardust .seven. india.-or fruits .
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By PeteSpencer
rf3flyer wrote:@ROG Are you allowed to call someone a 'fruit' these days? :)

Gwynneth Paltrow called her daughter 'Apple'.

Kookie notion like marketing candles 'which smell like my --er, maybe not, :oops:
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By PeteSpencer
I once has a customer called Cherry XXXX: She was engaged to a Mr Bunn.

Interestingly they called off the engagement and never married.................
By riverrock
OCB wrote:2 French colleagues got married.

His family name was Renault - not exactly unheard of in terms of French family name.

Their daughter, Megane, was born 1994 or 95, anyway - not very long before - well, you can figure it out….

not at all a joke, and you have no idea how many times we ended up staring at the ceiling, biting our lips and doing hard mental arithmetic or similar to avoid bursting out laughing. Poor lass, I’m guessing she’ll have changed her name by now!

There were various lawsuits when the Renault Zoe came out: ... -name.html