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By chevvron
ROG wrote:Did 130 mph with a "skilled" driver round the MOD track near croydon--frightened the life out of me -thinking if he loses it -no more flyer forum.
Wonder what the insurance wil cost--presume fully comp- not third party.

If you want exhileration, do what I did; buy a 250cc kart and go drag racing with it.
Going through the top end at a geared down 100mph (electronically measured not just a guess; when bought it had 'long circuit' gearing for Silverstone giving 130 mph at max rpm) was most satisfying with your eyes only about 2ft agl. Actually I could have gone slightly higher with the gearing as I reached max rpm (11,000) slightly before the quarter mile finish line; ideally you would want to be reaching it as you cross the finish line but I must have been doing 0-60 in about the 2 second bracket and the quarter mile in just under 14 sec.
The guys who do 'long circuit' kart races regularly do over 140; how they can see far enough ahead to judge the apex of the corners I don't know.
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By johnm
I think that's why Kart drivers like Lewis Hamilton do so well in Formula 1, it doesn't seem any faster :-)
By chevvron
johnm wrote:I think that's why Kart drivers like Lewis Hamilton do so well in Formula 1, it doesn't seem any faster :-)

Somewhere in my loft is a race programme for a kart race meeting I attended at Rye House Stadium (Hoddesdon) in 1970; one of the race drivers in one of the 100cc classes (no gearbox, no clutch, direct drive) is a certain Nigel Mansell.
For those too young to remember, he not only became F1 World Champion in 1992 but the following year was Indy Car Champion too, the only person ever to hold both titles at once.
By johnm
eltonioni wrote:Love the chutzpah and the spin off STEM work but the core of the project is starting to have the smell of the Moller Skycar.

The UK has a proud history of bonkers technology projects with little or no commercial or scientific value :-)