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By masterofnone
KNT754G wrote:...the tanks held exactly the amount of fuel they should have held at 60 litres per hour for the time we had been flying....

This reminds me of the discussion after the USAToday article "Safety last" was published.

Among the mostly disgusted responses from pilots, there were a few justifiable concerns, which included: How is it possible that aircraft manufacturers can get a GA aircraft certified with fuel gauges that are acknowledged as being "dubious"?
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By matthew_w100
Keef wrote:Treat yourself to a dipstick. It's the only way to be sure.

Sadly won't work in a Pup with long range tanks. The only way is to put in the amount of fuel you need, or fill the tank, which ever is less. I would NEVER rely on an assessment of the amount of fuel the previous pilot has left in tank. Even if that pilot is me!