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By Pilot H
Great TWD in September issue.

I identified both with the CAPS naysayers who argue against the laws of Physics and the numpty moment of forgetting to add power on autopilot altitude capture after a descent.

In regards to the final question of what went wrong with landing I would take issue with the answer that it was yaw which caused the wing to strike the ground. While there is yaw I would say the primary cause would be torque (a torque roll) where the Ailerons don't have sufficient authority to counter the rolling moment due to the low airspeed. This was the scourge of powerful naval piston aircraft missing the arrestor wire on a carrier deck and going to full power too quickly. The problem became dormant with the jet age, mostly because high torque at low speeds and propeller engines became the preserve of well trained aerobatics but the issue re-emerged when single turboprops with high shaft horsepower came on the scene. There were a few accidents before the issue was properly addressed with type conversion training.
A Cirrus 22 certainly can torque roll at low speed with a fist full of power. It is relatively lightweight and the engine is powerful enough. Training with a Cirrus certified instructor would cover this.
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