Discuss the problems and solutions to all of the situations that Pilot X finds himself in.
Hi, just wanted to share a little experience. I didn't experience this myself but heard of it, and when you know how... it's always easy... but when you have never encountered the situation, you may be taken by surprise.
I was flying with an instructor many years ago, before having obtained my PPL. And, as a test, he triggered the Alternator breaker! So the Alt (Alternator) Alarm went off. I checked the breaker, put it back in and every thing went fine.
The reason he had done that, was because days before a young pilot had had the Alternator alarm, and because he wasn't able to evaluate the urgency on the situation, he decided to force land in the countryside. Unfortunately, he went into a forest, damaging the plane, and hurting himself, although thankfully not badly. Here is a lesson whereby, when a dangerous or scary situation happens, you might want to think it out rather than PANIC and act too fast... Also, it shows how important it is to KNOW your aircraft well, as well as possible.
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I had an alternator belt come off on a 152 training flight. No drama as we were just leaving the zone so turned around and headed back. Didn't declare an emergency but received the full welcoming committee once back on the apron. I'm not a superstitious type but it happened to be Friday 13th too. A good learning exercise and confidence builder.
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Sorry for the late arrival on this thread. It has always been the case that other than a very few situations. Such as engine failure, fire or the threat of impending fire, or impending incapacitation, and possibly gearbox warnings in a helicopter, The very best thing to do is..... nothing, other than flying the aircraft. Until you’ve had a good chance to assess the situation.

Basically that means keep all options open until you have to commit to any irreversible actions.
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