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By Rob P
A couple of weeks back I needed to get over to France for a job and could, with a bit of juggling, take the aircraft (at my expense instead of the paid-for ferry)

On the day the Channel weather was awful in the morning and flyable in the afternoon. But in the afternoon there were thunderstorms forecast for East Anglia.

Weather prediction and planning has never been my strongest point, but I worked out a cunning plan to fly down to Lydd in the morning, and then sit out the weather to arrive in Calais late afternoon.

The OB > Lydd leg was no problem, landing in the drizzle at Lydd it still looks like the ****-end of the world, but the cafe is fine and by about midday it was dry enough to sit outside.

Eventually a huge smile spread across my face as the predicted clear blue sky and white fluffy clouds came sliding in from the west. I can tell you I was pretty pleased with myself as I walked out to the aircraft around 3pm for the twelve minute hop to Calais Dunkerque. I really have got this aviation lark cracked I thought. :D

Pity about leaving the master switch on :oops:

Rob P
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By ChampChump
I've left the pitot cover on, flown with the seatbelt flapping outside the door, even left the rudder lock on. On the screw-up that involved losing a fuel cap, I was confessing all to my wizened friend/instructor/mechanic: "I seem to be making all the mistakes possible..."

"Oh no", came the laconic reply.

"Not yet."

Years later, it's still true.
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By Irv Lee
I have left it on but discovered in time not to ruin my day. I think everyone who has done that once with the master switch subsequently leaves the beacon switch on permanently so even the most paranoid can "see" if they left the master switch on or off from a distance
By riverrock
our stall warner is electric. I always flip it as I walk away from the aircraft, as was my instructors habit. Beep means my language will also need beeped out as it takes ages getting the canopy cover off again!
Has saved embarrassment for both of us a few times (of course, the instructor claimed he had left the electrics on intentionally as a learning outcome :wink: )
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By Rob P
Paul_Sengupta wrote:Surely if you have an electric gyro in your panel you can't miss if you've left the master on

Virtually inaudible gyro on mine

The nice man from the engineers at Lydd came across and hand swung it for me. Top bloke.

Rob P
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By Rob P
DNewt wrote:Ditto on the stall warner. Always flip it when you walk away!

Doesn't help. My stall warning is a light not a buzzer

Rob P
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By Human Factor
Yak-52 advice. Pick a tree on the drive home. When you drive passed the tree, try to remember if you're you turned the main air valve off. :oops:
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By Rob P
Yak 52 advice continued...

Remember that when the wing is wet allowing your heel to miss the walkway can result in a very undignified return to very solid earth via at least one bounce on the wing. Also best not done in view of the assembled masses in the cafe.
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