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By Sir Morley Steven
riverrock wrote: there is no legal requirement for it, but certain exams do make sense before you go solo.

There is but it is vague the student must demonstrate a knowledge of air law. This was from before air law and ops probs was split and the sittings debacle makes it sensible to do the air law ops profs and human factors in the same sitting. We do brush up ground school on Saturdays if you are interested.
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By Iolanthe
If its any help, the first exam I did before solo was Met. But I think this was unusual and was under the old system f 7 exams only without the requirement to do them in sittings.

Just time it correctly so that they don't run out, otherwise you will have to take them all again. You ahev two years from the date of passing your last exam to the CAA issuing your licence.
By modularpilot
I did mine in this order.

Air Law, Human Performance & Operational procedures
Principles of flight and Aircraft General Knowledge
Communications and Meteorology
Now I just have Flight Planing and Performance and Navigation to pass.

It worked well for me.

My theory is to knock the exams out early and concentrate on the flying.
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By Sir Morley Steven
Did you talk to your flight school? They often recommend a sequence.
We split them inro three groups :-
law, ops and HPL, the ( law) subjects.
Met, planning and nav, the nav subjects.
A/c gen, POF and comms, the tech subjects.
We're flexible but require the law subjects before first solo and nav before first solo nav. So you might as well do all the nav subjects.
That's three sittings giving you three for retakes.
Our ground school brushup is the same sequence.
First week law no exam. Next week law exam, ops procs followed by exam
Next week HPL and exam. Three exams in one ten day sitting but three weeks of study. Same with the other subjects.
First time around there were slippages. This time so far no slippages and very high marks all round.
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By thewizard
I just did four exams in one sitting while on my 12-hour scholarship. I did:
Air law, human performance, ops, and comms - passed all four.

Just my input from a newbie!