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By purplefish
I will be making the phone call soon to let them no I no longer wish to redeem the voucher. Not sure why but I can't see them transferring it to someone else and my friend will lose her money. We'll see.
By ClothCat
If I have the correct organisation ... trial lessons there are priced above standard lesson rates: £164 versus £153 for a dual hour in the C150. I wonder what the reason is?

The schools I have worked for have always charged less for a trial lessons.
By purplefish
The voucher I have is for a Cessna 150, 45 minute flight at £124.
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By Paul_Sengupta
£124 is a lot of money to lose. Do it! Go on the flight! You'll really enjoy it when you finally get to go!
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By Paul_Sengupta
May I point the honourable gentleman/lady at this thread:


pizzytinzel wrote:my girlfriend bought me a 30 minute flight experience.
I absolutely loved it; even more than I thought I would.
It really was the most amazing thing I think I've experienced
I feel like I've discovered something truly amazing in flying, and I'm understandably excited!
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By mo0g
Wasting virtual ink here Paul!
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By pizzytinzel
That was me in that quote above! It's true. I guess I had the exact opposite experience. No cancellations, friendly school and a top instructor who was super enthusiastic and who let me fly almost the whole trip. I came away absolutely hooked and wanting to go again as soon as possible!

It's a real shame the OP had a less than ideal experience. I guess you've been pretty unlucky and if you were nervous, that's going to have made it worse. I guess it comes down to how much you think you want to fly. I've wanted to fly since I was a kid, but if you're not bothered, I'd chalk it up as a bad experience and do something else.
By purplefish
Had an email last night and they're now letting me transfer the voucher to a family member. Just got to find a candidate!! :D
By ClothCat
That's good news. Lets hope they have better luck with weather etc.
By greggj
Someone take up this guy with them for a short local flight already, he is really unlucky with that school.
Altho, there's of course no such thing as luck.
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By PeteSpencer
I've offered, He declined...............