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By weirdfish
If you're serious about learning to fly I think I'd be giving that voucher up as a bad job. :)
By purplefish
I would love to but they now have a back log of people waiting through all the cancellations so I have to accept the first available day.
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By mo0g
Out of interest, is there a reason you were bought the voucher in the first place - do/did you have an interest in aviation and/or becoming a PPL?
By purplefish
I got it as a birthday present, and I do have an interest in planes. Not sure if I remember saying I'd like to fly one though :wink:
I am happy to let the pilot do that.
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By Paul_Sengupta
*Wallet alert*

Flying is very addictive!

December was the earliest slot they had?! Blimey.
By purplefish
So it's now getting closer to my trial lesson nearly a year after I received my voucher!! I'm getting more and more nervous by the day especially after the problems they had with the plane which I explained in my very first post -

"I re-booked again for the third time and this time I got a call from the flight centre to say they would have to cancel as the plane's engine had to be repaired as the found metal in it! (cessna 150) also to be told that it was lucky it made it back to the airfield!!!"

Can anyone reassure me or do I need to see if anyone wishes to buy this voucher from me as I really don't want to do it! I emailed a place call Premier Flight Training about the flight school I have this voucher for and they said they weren't in a position to comment. Just wanted reassurance really.

Maybe it's a hint I should pass on this one.
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By Rob P
Two points.

1) There will be an instructor with you. He knows a lot more about the state of the aircraft than you ever will. If he is prepared to fly, then it is as safe as it can be. Few instructors are suicidal.

2) Would you rather they hadn't pulled the aircraft for maintenance and just flown it with a problem?

You'll enjoy it.

Rob P
By purplefish
The second point obviously no. Just scared I guess. Thanks for the reply :-)
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By leiafee
It sounds to me like the school is just bad at communicating. They don't want to sound like they're cancelling for trivial things so they push the weather decision onto you and "big up" the technical issue, not realising that both are making you less keen rather than reassuring you!

Many instructors are also only paid by hours flying so if he was pushing you not to, it may well have been out of his own paycheque for your benefit, knowing you wouldn't enjoy it as much as a better day.

Lots of flying school are rubbish at marketing and communication while being perfectly competent in the air.
By purplefish
My trial flight day is nearly here (Sunday) given the weather forecast what do you think the chances are of it being cancelled?
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By Charles Hunt
I haven't looked at the forecasts, but you're not having much luck, are you!
By ClothCat
Sorry to come to this thread late, but if you want to talk to an instructor directly, then you are welcome to give me a call, simply PM me.

I don't work for these folk, but I've been kicking around flight schools for long enough that I have a pretty good idea of what goes on.

Weather decisions will probably be placed on your shoulders if the instructor is prepared to go, but conditions aren't ideal. Mechanical problems ... well, true or not, you were give more information than was ideal there!

I'm happy to discuss any concerns you might have.

By pchappo
enjoy your flight today - and let us know how you got on!!!