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Have three free issues on us!

Got your PPL recently? Congratulations, we'd like to help you celebrate by sending you THREE free issues of Flyer* All you need to do is to send us a copy of your licence (photocopy, fax, scan etc.) and we'll do the rest.

Send the above to

Charlotte Davies (charlotte at flyermag dot co dot uk)
Flyer Magazine
9 Riverside Court
Lower Bristol Road

Fax: 01225 481262

*In addition to the three FREE issues we'll also send you (again free of charge!) some letters inviting you to subscribe to Flyer.

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By KingJames
Is there a cut off date for getting your PPL recently?
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By JenkinGeorge
I must admit, I dont subscribe to flyer, but would like to see what their mags are like, can I have my 3 free issues now (after completing my test) or do I need to wait untill im 17 and get the lisence issued?


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By Keef
Call the phone number and you'll find out! 8)
By hatzflyer
Got your PPL recently ? I got mine out of its cover the other day when I went for my medical. Does this count? :D

" GOT" (past tense get) obtain, earn,gain,win,procure,fetch,entrap or master,consume,beget, be given,experience or suffer,catch or contract...etc etc ( half a page).

well I fetched mine with me for the medical so I claim 3. Any one else that is desperate just eat ( consume ) your licence and BINGO! :D
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By Dangerman
I know that this is an ancient thread, but as it is still a "sticky" was just wondering if this offer is still valid? (The quoted email address bounces).

Thanks in advance