Learning to fly, or thinking of learning? Post your questions, comments and experiences here

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By WasteBin
I learned to fly 19 years ago, at a certain Brit-run establishment just north of Daytona, Fl., while on an extended vacation. Although I always wanted to fly (as long as I can remember) I became rather disillusioned so that after converting to a PA23 from a C152 I didn't bother taking up flying after returning to the UK. I currently work on the edge of the circuit of a well known aerodrome near London and feel the need to get airborne again. As quite a lot has changed over the years I find myself trawling the 'net to seek information as any new student would do, and have found your blog highly illuminating (and perhaps a little scary). Thank you for putting it together - maybe and old dog can learn some new tricks.
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By leiafee
huseyydemm wrote:Hello.
Could you give me some links for PPL exam tests?
I would like to be a pilot, and i'm really beginner. How could i start the whole thing?
Thanks for your help.

http://www.airquiz.com/ was very good when I learned - I assume it still is up to date.

Best thing to do is get yourself to your nearest flying club (or visit a few if there's a choice) and get a trial flight - but make sure they know you're interested in learning not just a jolly.
By huseyydemm
Hi Leiafee,

thanks for the quick reply, I checked this site and seems useful :)

I've just logged in again and realized that I forgot to reply, sorry. I had to postpone my studies in August due to other reasons and now I am back to make the first steps to be a pilot.
By carlapilot
How to learn to fly? ...this is my question also... but the wonderful thing is, seeing/feeling on yourself that you are better day by day
on the first day all the instruments.... was a nightmare, tried to watch them all even when instructor said its not necessary right now...do it step by step....

Muscle memory is also a wonderful thing.. when you are stressed, excited, oh my God, I need to do a perfect turn or whatever,.... but after may practice you do it like "automatically" with the right angle.....
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By Nero
Just thought I'd give my own feedback as a current student of circa 20 hrs having just read your document :)

It's a great document and I like the friendly tone of the writing; really helps to make the whole subject more approachable. Also very reassuring, as someone not entirely brand new to this, to read your experiences and find they are very similar to my own, and many other people's I'm sure.

It'd be great to develop the document with more about what to expect from specific milestones and your personal experiences, e.g. what do you do on a check-ride? Yes it's a scary concept as mentioned, but it might help new and existing students settle in their mind what is coming up from the comfort of their home rather than in front of an instructor or examiner perhaps too nervous to think of or ask something.

Appreciate your document is more about the mindset of 'how' to learn to fly, but it might be useful

PPL Tutor also deserves a mention in the exams section. I pretty much used this exclusively to pass my exams and can't sing its praises enough! :thumleft:

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