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Every day is a school day - some more so than others - but we never stop learning.

We would all like to know about and join in celebrating noteworthy milestones along the path of your aviation career - whether that be private or commercial. This page allows all those steps to be cast into internet eternity forever more.

Please post achievements in this student forum or PM me or @Morten me in any post to attract my attention and I will update this thread in the most timely fashion possible. If I miss something do let me know.

Entries on this thread are not restricted to ab initio training! We learn from all sorts of events and we all learn from each other - so please share!
Of course, we expect to hear about anyone gaining an additional rating, differences training, qualification ... come join the wall (and indeed, hall :)) of fame.

The 2020 thread was sadly rather reduced due to the impact of Covid, but hopefully 2021 can improve on that and maybe take up some of the slack?

The challenge is there for all of us to get out there and get up there.

Let's hope for a record year of First Solos, Qualifying Cross Countrys, PPL Skill Tests, not to mention First take - offs, First landings, Instructor Ratings, Examiner privileges gained as well as the odd heavy metal type ratings :)

And anything else memorable and noteworthy :thumleft:

Categories from previous years:

Pre-First Licence

First Take-off
April 19 - @T6Harvard
April 20 - @editmonkey
July 6 - @jcal

First Landing
May 25 - @editmonkey
July 22 - @T6Harvard

PPL theory passed

First Solo
June 11 - @Micromouse
June 15 - @editmonkey
June 23 - @Jfhandel
July 13 - @andynxn

First Solo Nav

Qualifying Cross Country
April 20 - @NewbieFH
May 27 - @Fellsteruk

Skills test
April 16 - @Rhys Chandler
April 30 - @LapsedRinger
May 12 - @NewbieFH
June 1st - @Fellsteruk
June 11 - @Guernsey Ben

Post First Licence

Night rating

IR (R)

IR (A)


ATPL Theory

Flight Instructor
March 19 - @Mr.Meerkat

Flight Examiner

Aerobatic sign-off

Tailwheel difference
April 9 - @Rob P First ground loop
April 24 - @Hazel C

Retractable undercarriage difference
June 5 - @FlightDek

Constant speed prop difference




Instructor Rating

Aerobatic Instructor Rating
July 17- @carlmeek



Difference training

Type ratings

And just to make sure that noone is forgotten from the old threads, here they are:

Class of 2004
Class of 2006
Class of 2007
Class of 2008
Class of 2009
Class of 2010
Class of 2011
Class of 2012
Class of 2013
Class of 2014
Class of 2015
Class of 2016
Class of 2017
Class of 2018
Class of 2019
Class of 2020
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By Rob P
First groundloop :(

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By Morten
A learning opportunity for sure. I'll put that down under tailwheel training. I do hope no damage done other than to the ego...
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By Rob P
There was a wrecked spat, but since then various other bits of damage have been replaced.

There is a serious learning experience involved, to do with poor decision making on my part.

Rob P
Good job, @Hazel C . Some would argue that it should be only tailwheel which counts ;)

Congratulations, @Rhys Chandler :thumleft: Fabulous step forward - have you come down from cloud nine yet? Enjoy!
Special chocolate frog for being this year's first to pass :sunny:

Let's hope for many more :)
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