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By jonathan-7065
I’m just trying to get back into flying after a few years away and am getting frustrated by lack of aircraft/ instructors.
Does anyone know of a school that uses PA28’s and has a system where you could book say 3 days of intense training?
I have 500 hours of experience culminating in a MEIR so I have a fair amount of muscle memory, I just need to practice
Jon Tucker
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By Rob P
I am wondering why PA28s are an essential? I would have thought with 500 hours you could just as easily retrain on something different.

Rob P
By Fellsteruk
Merseyflight at Liverpool have a PA28 most students use the 38’s and so the 28 is often not used from what I see on the booking system except when I’m using it ;)

Since covid though I have noticed it’s being used more it seems but providing you find the days free I don’t see why you could book it.

Ravenair and Liverpool flying school also have PA28’s from a Cherokee to an Arrow, unable to comment on these but I can give many thumbs up for merseyflight.

Downside with Liverpool is the £35 landing fee but hawarden is 10mins away and cheap as chips if you wanted to do circuits.

Other option is Barton or blackpool but I’m guessing that’s too far ?
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By Rob P
Fellsteruk wrote:
Other option is Barton or Blackpool but I’m guessing that’s too far ?

I suppose doing this intensively a Travelodge or similar only costs the same as two landings at Speke?

Rob P
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