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By danb_1985
Hazel C wrote:
Where can the ppl lead?

Would 2 lessons a month be ok or should I wait until I could do more?]

Welcome to the forum Dan!

In answer to these two questions.....

Wherever you want it to! I just fly for fun, but I never wanted to stick to a basic VFR Nosewheel only licence. I always wanted to learn tailwheel (now doing) as my love is vintage aircraft and that is the way I want to go...others cannot fly straight an level for any more than take off/landing (ie aeros pilots!) So its whatever you want to do with it, there are so many options out there.

As to lessons to book. However many you can or want to, or need to. I took 5 1/2 years to learn. Its not a race, as others have said, its all flying, take the opportunity to enjoy all of it, and be a sponge when sitting next to your instructor :-D Above all, have fun!

I quite like the idea of aerobatics at some point and maybe earn some money from a part time basis at least to start with
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By Nero
danb_1985 wrote:Are there any books I should be looking at to get a start on the reading?
The Pooleys study pack for the exams

CAP 413 for the radio licence

"Stick and Rudder" for an interesting read on the art of flying

"The Killing Zone" with the aim of having triggers in your mind to keep you safe

"Progressive Flying" for developing your skills and using your PPL to the max

~ Scott
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